Aika and Mikay’s Adventure… Bangkok 2k16!

I know, I know, I’ve been gone for a couple of weeks now. It’s because Mikay and I just concluded our yearly travels. This year, we went to… Bangkok, Thailand!


A couple of our hotels, meals, and tours are complimentary so thank you heavens for giving me the gift of a friend named Michelle. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH

Also, I just experienced my very first Sephora! I WAS CRYING SO BAD HUHUHUHUHUHUHU!

Guys Bangkok is such a beautiful city!

Seriously, it sure was a fascinating experience. Everyone in Bangkok was very nice and polite, except for that one jerk at the airport*

I want to go back, but this time, I will bring tons of money and will buy more stuff ay Chatuchack and enjoy more pad thais!

I will come back for you, my beloved Chicken Green Curry ❤

*about that jerk at the airport. It was on the x-ray part of the security. After scanning my bag, the lady told this guy (let’s call him jerk guy) something in thai plus she said “powerbank”. So this jerk guy was talking with another person and very rudely told me “open!” so I did open my bag immediately. I didnt like how he talked to me but because I want not in my country, I let ot pass. I didnt take out my powerbank just yet because I wanted him to tell me. When I opened my bag, he was still chatting with this other fellow and only very briefly looked at my bag. I was assuming that all was well because he was not paying attention to me EVEN AFTER I OPENED MY BAG AND HE LOOKED AT IT. So I started closing my bag and he again, very rudely, told me “Open!” and continue chatting with the other fellow and I was sooooooo annoyed because hello we had a plane to catch so do your job properly. I finally took out the powerbank without him telling me, and he was STILL chatting with this other fellow and he just glanced at the powerbank and continue chatting. This maybe went on for five seconds so when he AGAIN did not pay attention to me AFTER I took out the powerbank and AFTER he glanced at it, I returned the powerbank in my bag and closed my bag. Again for the third time, he said very rudely “Open!” then look away to the person he was talking to and that was my limit. I opened my bag took out my powerbank and answered back “What do you want me to do?!” Maybe he noticed how annoyed I was already so he took the powerbank from my hand and inspect it, asked the other fellow where I was from and returned my powerbank.

That jerk guy was utterly annoying. I will not consider him as a reflection of Thai people because he was literally the only rude Thai we met. Gah, do your job well, mister and stop chatting during work hour!

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August 29, 2016