Maybelline Creamy Matte Brown Nude Swatches!

Lippie Tuesday comes early this week!

I have blogged and twitted and posted on Facebook and Instagram countless of times my undying love for Maybelline’s Creamy Matte line. I think they are the best creamy matte drugstore lippies that currently exist, and I have yet to find another brand/line even remotely equal to it.

So, Maybelline Philippine just very recently released five more shades from the line – and they are nuuuudeees!

They announced that they will exclusively first release the lippies at my favorite online beauty hub, BeautyMNL. I marked the date – July 29. At around 12:03am that day – YES, A.M! – I went to their site and it was suuupeeeer slow. I figured tons of people were also accessing it which made me even more nervous. I was soooo set on getting all the shade then!

I was able to secure my loot at around 1am.


That was on a Friday. I was expecting it to arrive on Monday. But it was on my door step the following day, on a SATURDAY! I LOVE BEAUTYMNL!!!!

So here you go guys, some swatches of the new shades (Touch of Spice is included in the Brown Nudes, but I will not swatch that anymore. Lookie here!)

So, here we go!

650: Nude Embrace

655: Daringly Nude

656: Clay Crush

657: Nude Nuance

696: Burgundy Blush – sorry I put the wrong top image 🙁

Here are some comparative swatches on different light settings. I included the favorites from the first-released colors, Touch of Spice and Divine Wine:

My personal favorites are a.) nude nuance b.) clay crush c.) burgandy blush.

Nude Nuance just really looks good on me, Clay Crush is a very lovely, lovely shade (kind of unique, if I may add) and Burgundy Blush is just… Pak!


I think the new shades are available in stores already but stocks are running out fast. I suggest, though, that you wait for a sale because Maybelline do that very often anyway 🙂