I’v been admiring PH’s recently sworn Vice President Leni Gerona-Robredo so much I am creating a special space on my little blog for her.

But no. We’re not talking about politics. I have my own very strong opinion on my country’s politics but this will not be a place for that.

Please, allow me to be superficial once in a while.

I plan to post here VP Leni’s ensembles if ever I find a stunning one.

Like this one:

Daaamn, son! Can we please talk about that stunning pink blazer over that simple white knee-length skirt?!


My friend A noticed that VP Leni likes to wear nude shoes (A said nude heels, but I noticed she was wearing flats on some of her photos)

Are nude shoes the in thing for smart, remarkable, powerful women now?!?!? Because if yes, I am getting two pairs STAT!

Anyway, a disclaimer. The #VPLeniIsMyStylepiration posts will be about her clothes and style and not about her politics.

I have no doubt that she’s a woman of substance but I KNOW that being a woman of substance and rocking a pink blazer elegantly and flawlessly are not mutually exclusive.

But right now, let’s focus on those dress and nude shoes.

All images are from fb/LeniRobredoPH

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July 14, 2016