BeautyMNL has now failed me

There’s an update! I posted it at the end of this entry.

So. You guys know how much I love… I mean LOVEEEEEE BeautyMNL. I love them so much, they have their own tag in my blog.

On my count, I already transacted with them at least 10 times for almost 30 products… And I only started ordering from them since November last year!

Also I kid you not, I ALWAYS read their email blasts. It’s like a morning routine for me. Like an ‘I wonder what BeautyMNL have in store for me today’.

They also have this feature wherein they’ll alert you if an item that you like which was previously out of stock is restocked. LOVE that feature.

So on a Wednesday afternoon, they sent an email that they restocked on some Pink Sugar Sugar Tints. I was eyeing for the Queen Bee since forever meaning two weeks ago, so when I received the email, I LITERALLY dropped what I was doing and placed an order. ON. THE. FREAKING. SPOT.

Because you know, I trust BeautyMNL soooo much, it’s kind of a second nature for me to click ‘place order’.

I was also super confident that I’ll received the item the next day because I KNOW the schedule of BeautyMNL by heart.

Only now, two days later, my Queen Bee has not arrived yet.

Again, I was expecting for the package to arrive on Thursday. I even told my dad, my named authorized person, to not leave the house as I was expecting nga a delivery.

Thursday. It did not come. Heartbreak Number 1.

So I gave them the benefit of the doubt. It rained that day so maybe there were some delays in the courier. I was too kind.

I again asked my dad to not leave the house on Friday because I was suuuuper sure my package will arrive that day.

Nightime came, and still no lippies.

Heartbreak Number 2.

So I immediately emailed BeautyMNL.

Do you know what they told me? That a certain Rolly now has my package.


So I ran downstairs and asked my dad if HE knew anyone named Rolly since he knows the neighbors more that I do. He didnt.

He was soooo used in recieving BeautyMNL packages that even HE was surprised why the package was released to someone else. ‘Akala ko sakin nakapangalan yun?’ (I thought the package was named to me?’)

I don’t know anymore. I will update you guys on what BeautyMNL will reply, but it’s the weekend so I don’t know if I’ll get one soon. And my package probably is gone by now. I hope not.

I’m just sooo disappointed and angry and worried and I have nooo idea if I’ll get my stuff at all and now there’s like a riff between BeautyMNL and me and that’s very heartbreaking. I mean, what’s the use of naming an authorized person?

Again. I will update you guys. For now… heartbreak.

UPDATE: MAY 23, 2016

To my surprise, BeautyMNL DID reply during the weekend. There’s nothing much, they just assured me that they will look at it first thing in the morning on Monday.

And they did. I received an email of the update even before I woke up this morning (Monday)

I mean, BeautyMNL has GREAT customer service, and I really can’t fault them with that. Give credit where credit is due.

They explained that the guy who received my orders claimed that he knew my dad, and the delivery person was not allowed in the building so a certain Rolly received it.

First, we do not live in a building.

So. There.

BeautyMNL was apologizing endlessly and promised to a.) deliver a new batch tomorrow b.) be careful with the delivery next time and only release the orders to the authorized person.

There you go. I will update you guys if I receive the package tomorrow.

So, with all these mishaps, will I order from BeautyMNL again?

Let’s be honest, YES I would. I am already bookmarking some products as we speak. Ordering online is SOOOO convenient.

BUT I will have my orders delivered to the office the next time. At least with that, I’m super sure I will received the package (unless there’s ANOTHER GMA Network in EDSA cor Timog Ave that I don’t know of).

Ugh, you better be worth it, Queen Bee! (I already swatched it, and it is, BTW).

And to that Rolly, I don’t really know what he’ll do with my lippies. Ugh.

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May 20, 2016