L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte Lipstick (Red Valentine, Peachy Brown, and Arabian Night)

Remember when I reviewed the L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte Lipstick (Bloody Mary), and said it’s a decent lippie, but I would buy it again only if it were on sale?

Well, the line was on sale last weekend, and the natural thing to do is grab a couple of colors from a physical store, and one from BeautyMNL. Yep, natural thing to do.

The Velvete Pink La Vie En Rose line was also on sale. Both line were at a 50 percent discount, so they were priced Php 200 instead of Php400,

Here are my whole loot for the weekend. YES THIS IS AN OBSESSION!

OK, I was too excited with the sale that I went to Watsons Gateway first thing in the morning on the first day of sale. However, after taking my time swatching, I was told at the counter that I cannot buy it at 50% off because the sale’s not yet reflected because the system was not yet updated. I was soooo pissed I unleashed my inner maldita and of course I didn’t push through with the purchase. I bought from BeautyMNL instead. They arrived earlier today -gotta love BeautyMNL!- and I want to try the La Vie En Rose out first before writing a review)

Let’s first swatch the Riche Moist Matte Lipsticks since I already did a review on that.


When I swatched Red Valentine at the store, it looked really red with blue undertone. It was a BEAUTIFUL shade of red. But for some strange reason, when I wore it here at home, it looked really, really pink. Did I swatch the wrong color? I dunno. But I felt sad.

I already have this color, so. I mean, this is a very pretty color still, but again, this is not a new color to me.

I wonder what happened.


I was ONLY supposed to grab from the La Vie En Rose line, when I accidentally swatches this one and it was love at first swatch.

Arabian Night is a subtly violet-plum which leaves a muted omph. It’s like “Yes I am here! But don’t tell anyone because I don’t want the attention although I very much deserve it”

Gorgeous color.

Also, depending on the light setting, it turns very brown sometimes.


I added Peachy brown to my BeautyMNL cart because I wanted something muted. I am for bold and bright, so a little sunshiney nude is almost too new to me.

I didn’t expect that I’d fall in love with the shade. It’s a gorgeous peachy nude with splash of golden specks. Perfect for everyday use. It’s not a ‘YES I’M HERE!’ color, but it pretty much give the face a certain, sweet glow.

Here are the swatches:

Red Valentine

Peachy Brown

Arabian Night

One thing I noticed about these colors, unlike Bloody Mary, these has less pigments. So I needed to swipe more than once to achieve that desired coverage.

Again, as I’ve mentioned in the earlier review of Bloody Mary, this line is an ok line. I wouldn’t spend Php400 for these, so good thing I got them for sale.

More sale please and thank you!

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