Review: Captain America: Civil War (2016)

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I always say that Captain America 1 was the least exciting movie of the whole Marvel Universe.

Until they came up with Agent Carter and now I am OBSESSED with Captain America.

Also, Chris Evans is sooooo beautiful.

Anyway, Philippines is lucky enough to screen Captain America: Civil War before US or even UK. Civil War is the third CA movie.

F asked me if I wanted to catch it on the first weekend, and I initially declined because I thought I was going to work this weekend. Good thing my sked freed up. Yey!

The movie was worth going out on a stressful weekend for, that`s fo sho.

Here are some quick thoughts on the movie.

  • Chris Evan is soooo fiiineeeee. Man, that dude is hooooot.
  • However, I feel like I appreciated Sebastian Stan more. Gasp. Im sorry my sweet prince Chris!
  • I LOVE how political this movie was. Yeah, Captain! Stand up againt the UN (channel your inner Ron Swanson).
  • I think plot-wise, I appreciated this more than the other Marvel movies. Plot`s not overly complicated like Age of Ultron.
  • Again, the tone of the plot is very political and poltical means sides are to be chosen. Of course, Team Iron Man made tons of sense, but I am Team Captain because censorship and control is the worst. Am I giving away thr plot already? I mean, I am Team Captain because… Biceps.
  • Can we, like, have a Chris Evans Biceps Appreciation Day or something?
  • There are some plot holes, methinks. I dont want to go into details, but… I think If you saved countless of lives from unprecidented alien invasionS, you have free pass from collateral damages. Right?
  • I like how Civil War has Avengers 1`s humor. The one liners are SUPER funny.
  • Seriously. I am not an action kind of girl, but the fight scenes took my breath away. I was “whoa”-ing ALL THE TIME.
  • (insert super heroes who made cameos) are AWESOOOOMEEEE.
  • Peggy, though 🙁
  • I am not a big fan of Sharon Carter, BTW. Maybe because I have heaps of emotional investment with Peggy.
  • VisionxWandaOTP
  • There are TWO end credit scenes so watch out for that.
  • Spoiler alert: can`t wait for spideyyyyy

Civil War is a HIGHLY enjoyable film. Watching it in 3D does not make it more spectacular so I think it`s ok to watch it in a normal cinema.

Inspite of the “plothole”, the plot as a whole is still commendable. So, I`m still giving Civil War a 5 of 5 stars because a.) awesome fightscenes b.) Chris Evans biceps.

I`m a simple girl.

May 1, 2016