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Hello loves!

So, there are tons of missed Lippie Tuesdays and Feature Friday so I would like to tell you guys to hang in there. We have less than 30 days until the next elections, and basically PNoy has less than three months until his term ends.

That’s why I’m super busy. I have a couple of pending SRs and some election-related errands.

Guys, this is my third elections in GMA, my 2nd presidential elections. So during my stay in the company I was able to briefly experience GMA’s term and whole of PNoy’s.


Anyway, have you chosen your candidates already?

I already have a Prex and VP and maybe some senators. Unlike the last elex, I think I can fill up all my senatorial slots this elections.

This will be a very interesting elex. Whoever wins will be an unpopular president, getting only a small chunk of votes (I think FVR was our last unpopular prex).

I mean, unless that person gets more than 40% of the nation’s vote, winning this race is not something to brag about.

I have tons of arguments with my friends about their candidates and you guys know me, I LOVE a good argument. B and I were super close because we always had arguments about politics and it’s healthy and it’s one of my favorite part about our friendship. He knew I hated Arroyo, so he kindov learned everything about her so he could argue with me and I always loved our discussions.

But the political weather now’s different. Everyone’s in an attack mode. I was actually told I offended a person because I was arguing with that person about politics, and I was, like, ok.

I miss B 🙁


Three of my closest girlfriends are getting married this year. M will be married to A in a week and I am so happy for them. Love!!!!!!

MA asked me, very randomly, if I have a plan of getting married.

Hmmm. I really don’t know. I told MA I only plan in a 6-month interval, so I don’t know

MA: but, do you have plans?
Aika: in the next six months? No.

Unless of course Chris Evans finds himself in Sampaloc, Manila and asks me to marry him.

I strongly believe that God or whatever higher being you believe in will give it to me when i need it. For now, I just want the elections to be over so I can get out of town already.

Serious on the Chris Evans thing, tho.

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April 14, 2016