Feature Friday: Podcasts

Ok, again, an apology for not posting last Friday and this Tuesday. April is here, you guys. I’m a notch busier now. Gasp.

For a quick Feature Friday, I want to talk about podcasts.

How awesome are podcasts, amiright?

So, what are podcasts?

Podcasts are.. hmmm… digital radio. That’s pretty much the most precise definition I can think of. I am not familiar with the other format of podcasts, if there are any, but I would like to discuss about the audio kind.

Series have ‘episode’ which are released depending on the podcasts. Some are weekly, others, bi-weekly, other, every other week. I hate those who releases a new episode every other week, especially if they’re REALLY good.

Formats and plots also differ. Some are fictional, some are not. Some are talk shows. There are really TONS of podcasts to choose from.

How do you listen to a podcast?

You can download a podcast app and that’s about it.

I read that podcasts are available at Spotify, but I can’t seem to figure that out. Boo.

I am listening to the following podcasts, as you should too. I mean it. These are highly commendable and recommended.

Welcome to Night Vale (WTNV):

WTNV is a weird, witty, funny, eerie and very. very interesting podcast in a form of a community radio show. They’re already in their 80+th episode, and I am having a hard time catching up, but still, it’s super fun.

They also have a book which I bought, naturally.

Alice isn’t Dead:

From the creators of WTNV comes another series, Alice Isn’t Dead. It’s just starting so you can very well catch up. Go. Listen to it now. NOW!

Alice has the same eerie vibe as WTNV, but a tad bit less random, in a more serious tone, but equally weird. I am loving this so far.


Last Holy Week break, I became OBSESSED with Serial. J has been urging me to listen to this since forever, and I finally obliged.

Serial is an awesome kind of investigative journalism. I first thought that like WTNV and Alice, it’s also a fiction. BUT IT’S NOT. AND IT’S AWESOME! It won a Peabody, BTW.

So tell me, what are your favorite podcasts? 🙂