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Oscars 2016: The Revenant

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The Revenant is about a guy, Leo-soon-to-be-Academy-Award-Winning-Actor-DiCaprio’s Glass, and his never-ending stroke of bad luck.

So, he’s a guy who was mauled by a grizzly bear, and then buried alive, and his son was stabbed to death, and he was *insert anything – ANYTHING – that could happen wrong*.

Also, my bae Tom Hardy stars in this movie.

Here are my thoughts:

  • I would like to say that this is a VERY strong contender for the title. However, I am NOT a big fan of it.
  • I think the movie’s a little to.. err.. artsy for my taste.
  • Much respect for the director Alejandro Iñárritu, tho. He made the very awesome Birdman which won the best picture title last year. However, I just grew tired of the long, unnecessary nature shots.
  • The Revenant is… elaborate and very much detailed.
  • However, everyone’s attention is in this movie because of one thing – Leonardo Freaking DiCaprio.
  • Leo is brilliant in this. He managed to be brilliant with very little words. I liked his Wolf of Wallstreet performance better, though. He DESERVED the oscars then (it’s just that Matthew Mcconaughey was equally exceptional)
  • However – please don’t kill me – I liked Matt Damon’s performance in The Martian better. Please don’t kill me!
  • I’d be happy if Leo wins, though. Such dedication!
  • Also, can we please talk about Ton Hardy? LOVE HIM! How can you consider him as the bad guy with those puppy dog eyes *smitten*.

I have a movie left (Room), and I could say that Revenant is the best made film of the bunch. However, I am rooting for Spotlight still.

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February 28, 2016