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Oscars 2016: The Martian

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The Martian is an awesome saga of a astronaut-slash-botanist. Mark Watney was believed to be dead but he’s not apparently. So begins the rescue operations. Meanwhile, Watney tried to survive while waiting for his rescue.

My thoughts

  • I utterly, utterly enjoyed The Martian.
  • I liked that they used an action cam as a story telling tool. It’s very personal that Watney is talking to the audience.
  • Matt Damon is also a delight to watch. He made his character very relatable with his loneliness.
  • So so so so so happy to see Donald Glover. He was among my most favorite part of the movie.
  • There were also some very much recognizable names on the cast. Some are more popular for the drama genre – Sean Bean, Jessica Chastain, and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Kristen Wiig is also there (much to my delight!). Even my beloved Sebastian Stan (BUCKY!!!!). Yet they didn’t, like, outshine one another. The whole cast just… worked.
  • Ok, let’s start a petition with Damon and Michael Peña in a roadtrip movie. Yes please.
  • Peña is a gem! We should make more movies with him on it!

I don’t think The Martian will win the Oscars, as well as Matt Damon. But hey, at least people were very entertained.

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February 28, 2016