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Oscars 2016: Room

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Room is about a woman and her child who was detained for years in a small room. The child was born inside it and it’s the only place the child knows.

My thoughts:

  • I already read the book a couple of years ago or so, so I might be comparing this to the book.
  • Compared to the book, Room The Movie is awesome.
  • Room The Movie pretty much gave us Ma. I liked it.
  • Granted, perhaps, that Room The Book is very much adaptable to be a film. It’s like it was written to be a movie.
  • I noticed that the movie’s a little bit focused on Ma rather than Jack the child. You see, Room The Book was written in the POV of Jack The Child so everything we ‘see’ is through his eyes.
  • Brie Larson (Ma/Joy) is a revelation. She will always be Rachel from Community for me. But daaaamn, son. Give this woman more movies!
  • Jack the child, played by Jacob Tremblay is just… perfect. He is the perfect Jack.

I don’t see Room winning the Oscars, but it’s my second favorite of the bunch (next to Spotlight).

Larson should totally take home that Best Actress award.

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February 28, 2016