Maybelline Creamy Matte (All Fired Up & Touch of Spice)

Maybelline just launched in the Philippines a creamy matte line. Now, I love Maybelline, but longevity is not among their strongest suit when it comes to lippies.

So I was kindof hesitant to try their ColorSensatiom Creamy Mattes. But whatever Maybelline lacks in formula, they made up for color range.

A particular color in the line caught my eyes – the All Fired Up. But more of that later. Let’s first discuss the other color I grabbed.


Touch of Spice is the only nude color in this line, well at least the one they released in PH. So this is instantly crowd fav. I just saw this at Gateway on Thursday, then I saw from a post in FB that they sold out on Friday. Anyway, I am glad I grabbed this.

The color’s gorgeous, but not my kind of nude. It is perfect for everyday wear. It has a hint of mauve, a nude mauve.

Here are the swatches:


I was actually just eyeing on buying this pretty little shade. I saw Say Tioco’s vlog of the line launch and she wore it and I was like “I need that color in my life right now”.

Do you ever have that feeling? The love at first swatch? That was what I felt when I first laid my eyes on this beauty.

So, I remembered the shade name. All Fired Up. I need you.

Anyway, when I went to SM San Lazaro (worst mall ever), there was no All Fired Up in sight. I asked the Ate Maybelline where the new creamy mattes were and she pointed at a row of lippies. But I saw no All Fired Up. I asked her if those were the only creamy matte shades available and she said yes. She sounded very sure and I was very disappointed. I ended up buying Touch of Spice and another bright pink (review soon), non-matte lippie.

Anyway. Since I can’t take my mind off the All Fired Up, I went to Gateway the next day and lo and behold, there’s it is, waiting for me.


All Fired Up is a beautiful bold pink which demands attention. It’s not a blah pink. It’s an “I’M HERE LOOK AT ME!” pink. Gorgeous.

Here are the swatches:


It’s a little reminiscent of my Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick in Electric Pink, only the Maybelline one pops out more. And also significantly less expensive.

My thoughts:

  • Guys. OMG. I LOVE this line. Good job, Maybelline
  • For Php 299, these babies are really a steal!
  • Color pigmentation is awesome. +1
  • It could be a little messy. Not transfer-proof. But not as messy as their velvet mattes.
  • What I specially LOVE about these beauties is that they’re long-wearing. They’re not particularly kissproof, but, like, after eating and drinking and such, there could be little product left on your lips. HOWEVER, there’s a tint left. And not just a hint tint, like full-on color tint.
  • Like, after swatching these on my arms, tissue paper’s not enough (as it would on other Maybelline lippies). There were some traces of tints left.
  • I didn’t notice it that much on the Touch of Spice since it is closer to my natural lip color, but the All Fired up is like that. I need not retouch my lips since the color did not actually fade.
  • Even if they’re long-wearing, they’re not at all drying. I love its texture. It looked matte, but felt creamy and moisturizing.
  • I’d love to get my hands on the other colors! Actually, Maybelline had a promo over the Valentine weekend and these babies sold P199 a pop! And I bought three more shades. I wiol feature those on my next Lippie Tuesday, I promise 🙂

Edit: i was also able to grabe three more colors. Check them out here!

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February 15, 2016