Face Off: Liquid Foundations (Maybelline and Essence)

So, I am doing a little series of posts on liquid foundations. Because reasons.

I will test various liquid foundations available in my country. I will try some international brands, as well as local ones.

Keep in mind that I have oily skin, so I am looking for something which will help minimize this oil rig which is my face. Also, SPF is super important. Also, I commute to and from the office, so these babies went through some, err, rigorous tests. Haha.

I tried to be uniform with my make-up routine, changing only the foundation, my eye make-up and my lippies. The reason for this is because I would like to fully see the potency of the foundation.

Here’s my routine, consistent throughout this project

  1. Nivea All Matte Toner
  2. Sooper Beaute Pore Minimizing Serum
  3. Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser
  4. Then a thin layer of baby powder
  5. then the foundation of the day. Then I will let that set for about 2 mins.
  6. Blot excess product with tissue paper
  7. Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder

Let’s start!

 photo Foundation Battle - Maybelline Dream Satin_zpssx9bypad.jpg

Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Air-Whipped Liquid Foundation
shade: B5 | price: Php 499/300
size: 30ml | SPF: 24
where I bought mine:  SM City Manila Department Store

Claim: our unique air-soft formula provides poreless, satin-smooth looking skin. Extraordinary coverage that does not clog pores. Long-lasting and moisturizing all day.


  • Semi-matte finish. I ABSOLUTELY adored the finish. It made my skin look moisturized but not shiney. Healthy but not overly glowing.
  • Has minimum smell. Like I needed to sniff it hard to smell it.
  • The shade I got was perfect for me.
  • Coverage is medium but easily buildable.
  • The foundation is enclosed in a glass bottle which made it less travel-friendly and quite a tad bit heavy.
  • Although it did not promise oil control, it did manage to keep my oil at bay for around four to five hours. Impressive, right?
  • However, when it could no longer control my oil, it REALLY can’t. I needed two blotting papers already.
  • But the good thing was, that was already on the sixth-hour mark, I guess.
  • Longlasting, indeed.
  • Will i repurchase? In its original price, probably not. It’s not something I would be excited to use in the morning, and I think I can find better foundations for half the price. Plus, oil control is a must for me.
  • If you have not so oily skin, this foundation is worth checking out.
  • It is indeed in the higher half of my top favorite foundations evur, but maybe closer to the average than the super top spot.

 photo Foundation Battle - Essence Stay All Day_zpssljlwhbj.jpg

Essence Stay All Day 16h Long-lasting Make-Up
shade: 10 soft beige | price: Php 349/200
size: 30ml/1fl oz | SPF: ???
where I bought mine:  SM City Manila Department Store

Claim: Long-lasting and light weight make-up provides a flawless, silky complexion that lasts all day!  Easy to apply due to the soft texture, dermatological approved.


  • comes in a pump. nice.
  • It has little, little strong fragrance. Like perfume fragrance, not those typical foundation/cosmetic smell.
  • I love the structure of the product. It’s lightweight and not bulky.
  • the finish is matte with a very orange tone. Ugh.
  • When I applied it on the back of my hand before applying it to my face, there was literally an orange residue on my hand. It was utterly disturbing. Luckily, that did not translate to my face. But it is still a little orange.
  • That being said, coverage is medium, and I can’t apply a concealer, because all my concealers are SUPER lighter than this foundation. So mukha akong may an an if I apply a concealer. I don’t want to double or triple layer naman the foundation because I am afraid my face will turn orange.
  • As the day progress, the hint of orange also diminished. THANK YOU, MAKE UP GODS!
  • apparently their lightest shade is a tad bit too dark for me. The color lightened, after about 30 mins or so.
  • oil control is really commendable. It didn’t make my face super shine-free, but I am amazed that even if it was already in the 5pm mark, I didn’t have the need to blot my face with oil film just yet.
  • Will i repurchase? Maybe if it’s on sale again. While the oil control is impressive, the orange tint really turns me off. So, we’ll see.

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February 9, 2016