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Oscars 2016: Mad Max: Fury Road

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Ok, the first time I heard that Mad Max is included in the Best Picture film, I literally L.O.Led.

Then I paused. I uttered loudly “why?”. Then I paused again with tons of doubt on my already non-existing eye for cinematic value. Did I miss something?

I already watched the Mad Max moooonths ago. I think it was shown here earlier this year.

Clearly, I am missing something.

Mad Max: Fury Rody is an adrenalin-filled movie about post-apocalyptic stuff which I guess is also a social commentary for present days as well. Also, tons of girl power! I dunno. I am so stunned that this movie is really nominated.

My thoughts:

  • Tom Hardy is a baaaabe.
  • So is Charlize Theron. I think she was the most impressive part of the whole movie. And Tom Hardy’s hotness.
  • So I was stunned that Mad Max was nominated for Best Picture, and Charlize was not. Ugh.
  • Well, I have to give it to them, this is a wildly entertaining film.
  • I THINK the movie is some sort of a social commentary or something? Sure.

Again, since I am SUPER-rised (see what I did there? No?) that this is among the nominated films for best pictures, I prefer Brooklyn over this.

Sorry, babe Tom.

OSCARS 2016: The Best Pictures

February 8, 2016