The Face (Mask Sheets) Off: The Face Shop

 photo The Facial Mask Sheet - The Face Shop_zpsxpmon9w9.jpg

This is a part of WhiteCrayonsAreEvil’s The Face (Mask Sheets) Off, a some sort of a personal project wherein I will try and feature some Face Mask Sheets available and write down their descriptions and a tiny bit of my review. Obviously, I can’t try them all in a day, so this post will be updated regularly. So, for now, if i haven’t tried the product yet, all you’ll see are descriptions which I hope you’ll find useful.

I will thrive to review not only the Korean brands, but other brands as well. If you want me to try a particular mask sheet, please let me know in the comment box below 🙂

The Face Shop: Aloe

  • Promise: “A soothing and hydrating mask sheet containing aloe extract, which hydrates and soothes the skin, providing instant care to sensitive skin”
  • Verdict: just meh for me. Maybe this is designed for sensitive skins, so it didn’t actually do something remarkable to my face.

 photo The Face Shop - Green Tea_zpslhwz8wyy.jpg
Green Tea

  • Promise: “A hydrating and energizing mask sheet containing green tea extract to fill dry skin with refreshing and hydrating moisture”

 photo The Face Shop: Kelp

  • Promise: “A purifying sheet that contains kelp extracts helps enable a pure skin appearance”
  • Verdict: It DID made my skin feel very clean and refreshed. That’s pretty much about it.

 photo The Face Shop - Mung Beans_zps4qc9sj9i.jpg
Mung Beans

  • Promise: “A clarifying mask sheet containing mung bean extract, effective in purifying pores for a clean and smooth skin texture”
  • Verdict: i liked it. It did made my skin feel clean and smooth and a tad bit sticky.

 photo The Face Shop - Blue Berry_zpsmoxus8iq.jpg

  • Promise: “A highly nourishing mask sheet containing blueberry extract to help regain skin softness and youthful impression”

 photo The Face Shop - Cucumber_zpsfcgadfjf.jpg

  • Promise: “A deeply hydrating mask sheet containing cucumber extract to fill skin with cool hydrating minerals”

 photo The Face Shop - Acai Berry_zpscbhp2r3u.jpg
Acai Berry

  • Promise: “A firming mask sheet containing acai berry extract to improve resilience and provide moisurized firmness to the skin”
  • Verdict: i love this. As the sheet dried on my skin, i feel like the sheet is tightening on my fez. Plus, when I woke up, my pores looked tighter than usual. Will definitely repurchase.

 photo The Face Shop: Avocado


  • Promise: “a moisturizing and nutritioning mask sheet containing avocado extracts, providing extra nutrition; helps reenergize dry and rough skin”

The Face Shop: Red Ginseng

Red Ginseng

  • Promise: “A highly nourishing and energizing mask sheet containing extract of Korean red ginseng rich in saponin, a supplement to care for tired skin”
  • Verdict: I LOVE this. The serum is generous, and the overall feel and effect is very noticable. The smell might not be a good factor for some.