The Face (Mask Sheets) Off: Tony Moly

 photo The Facial Mask Sheet - Tony Moly_zpstp9gpiyk.jpg

This is a part of WhiteCrayonsAreEvil’s The Face (Mask Sheets) Off, a some sort of a personal project wherein I will try and feature some Face Mask Sheets available and write down their descriptions and a tiny bit of my review. Obviously, I can’t try them all in a day, so this post will be updated regularly. So, for now, if i haven’t tried the product yet, all you’ll see are descriptions which I hope you’ll find useful.

I will thrive to review not only the Korean brands, but other brands as well. If you want me to try a particular mask sheet, please let me know in the comment box below ūüôā

 photo Tony Moly - Elasticity_zpsjp2jmiee.jpg
I’m Real Pomegranate Mask Sheet Elasticity

  • Promise: “Pomegrante mask firms up sagging skin”

 photo Tony Moly - Caviar_zpsndn2of1w.jpg
Pureness 100 Caviar Mask Sheet Nutrition

  • Promise: “This gentle mask provides rich nourishment to skin”
  • I liked this. Of the sheets I’ve tried, this is the most… I don’t know, luxurious. The sheets itself was thicker, maybe? My face was softer the next morning, but it’s not something that would make me want to touch my face everynow and then. The aftermath was ok, but the sheet itself is really something to experience.