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Oscars 2016: Brooklyn

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Will contain spoilers

When I found out that Brooklyn is going to be screened here in our country, I immediately grabbed the chance to watch it in the cinemas. I hate that almost always, the Oscar-nominated movies are not shown here. Boo-hoo.

Brooklyn is the story of a young woman who may or may not have made the wrong decision.

Anyway, here are my thoughts.

  • I wanna be Saoirse Ronan when I grow up
  • Also, how do you pronounce Saoirse?
  • Here. Let Ryan Gosling help you. You’re welcome.
  • Anyway, Ser-sha Like Inertia Ronan is a gem. I loved her at Lovely Bones, and loved her more in TGBH. Brooklyn just pretty much reinforced my love for her
  • The movie was lovely. It was not overly commercialized, nor did it have any Oscar-bait feel to it.
  • I particularly adored the ending. I hated the ending – i mean how things work out for Ser-sha Like Inertia Rowan’s character – but I love how the movie’s so interactive and open to interpretation.
  • I also love the parallelisms present in the movie. At first I thought they were soooo chessy, but I later realize that they are just part of the movie’s charm.
  • I particularly like the parallelism between Tony and Eilis, and Eilis and Jim. So at the former part of the movie, we’ll see E and T’s 1st date and how E was talking about her like and T was like “go on girl, i love to listen to your stories coz i lav ya”. Of course T didn’t say it like that. Then at the latter part of the film, we see E listening to J the same way T was listening to her. That’s when we know (or at least according to *MY* interpretation) that E loves – or at least like – J. And so therefore I conclude that E went back to T out of obligation, and not because E really wanted to. THAT’S MY TAKE ON THAT AND E YOU ARE SOOOO GOING TO REGRET THAT, GIRL.
  • I love this movie with so much passion.
  • This is by far my Philomena this year. I label as “My Philomena” an Oscar-nominated movie that I oh-so adore but I know will not win the Oscars because Oscars people are, to say the least, very unappreciative of lovely craft when they see one. There, I said it.

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January 30, 2016