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Review: The Halal Guys (Megamall)

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I finally was able to try the much-talked-out The Halal Guys when I went to Megamall on the last day of 2016, before my shift. I was there to buy a Jerrold Tarog movie but that warrants another blog post.

I was there before 10am (it was December 31, so the mall opened at 9am) and there was no line at all. Well, the whole food court was virtually empty). I had it to-go since I have work at 11am.

 photo The Halal Guys 05_zpsvyvaf5gw.jpgSolo combo over rice, Chicken and Falafel
New York (P399)

I read that the magic is in their special white sauce so I ordered two extras. I was surprised, though that it came in a large pouch.

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Extra garlic sauce (P25 a piece)

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The hot sauce for scale (which was little larger than a typical tomato sauce fastfood pouch)
Hot sauce was free

There was no sauce inside except for the two extras I bought. Is this the case? Do you really buy the sauce separately?

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My thoughts

  • It is not as horrible as people on social media (the so-called “honest ones” lol) claimed. It’s not a “OMG THIS IS AMAZING”, but it’s not mediocre as well.
  • I was actually surprised how much I liked it. The meat were tender and a-plenty in servings, and flavor is also ok. Not something utterly remarkable, mind you. But it’s not bland at all.
  • The P399 price tag looks very intimidating for us commoners and middle-income earners, but their New Yorks are actually good for two. Even three if you have friends who are on a diet. I was really full after eating half of the plate (don’t judge me! I took home the leftover, I swear!)
  • The white sauce was indeed magic. It gave the meal its personality. But spending P25 extra bucks for the ‘magic’ is a little bit disappointing.
  • Also, the ‘no sauce included’ thing is really disturbing. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they just forgot the put the non-extra sauce. Sad face.
  • The hot sauce was HOT. The Miss THG warned me “careful lang mam, the hot sauce is really hot” and I was like ‘meh’. But when I tasted it, it is indeed REALLY HOT. The warning was very much warranted. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT EMPTY THE SACHET INTO YOUR FOOD.
  • It’s not something I would travel to Megamall to since there’s a Mister Kabab near where I live because Shaw Blvd traffic is HORRIBLE. But this is definitely a place I would consider to eat everytime I’m in Megamall.

3.5 of 5 stars.

The Halal Guys
Fifth Floor, Mega Food Hall
SM Megamall
Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
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December 31, 2015