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Look: Taza Fresh Table (Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay City)

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Weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be M’s plus one in an invite to spend a weekend at Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay City.

Guys, choose your friends very well.

The highlight of the trip were a dinner and a breakfast buffet at the  relatively new Taza Fresh Table.

So yeah, I am posting this here to force myself to finally finish the reviews (sorry, I’ve been busy!)

Let me tell you a quick rundown/review of the place:

  • As I’ve said, Taza is relatively new. Not a year old I think.
  • Taal Vista Hotel has another restaurant, the Cafe Veranda. We were super lucky enough to try both, and I personally liked Taza better.
  • (actually, they also have a Lob
  • Taza prides itself of serving fresh ingredients. And fresh, they are (watch out for my reviews!)
  • Also, Taza is 100000x more intimate than Cafe Veranda. I love the hominess of the interior of the place. But I love the food better (watch out for my reviews!).
  • Taza is smaller than Cafe Veranda.
  • I think because the place is smaller, the service is more personal.
  • While I was there, countless of times I wished I had a boyfriend so I could bring him here. What a pleasantly romantic place. Hello, imaginary boyfriend, Chris Evans.
  • Checkout the website here.

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  • Dinner at Taza Fresh Table (pending)
  • Breakfast buffet at Taza Fresh Table (pending)