Review: E.L.F. Eyeshadow Palette Mad for Matte

Another one of my recent obsessions are eyeshadows. I’ve seen countless tutorials on how to apply eyeshadow on YouTube, so by default, I am an expert now.

Of course I’m kidding.

I own a big palette of eyeshadow I bought maybe a year or two ago. Color spectrum was wide in that palette, so I find no need to buy anothe one.

However, almos almost all the shadows on my one big palette are shimery.

I need a shadow palette I can wear everyday to work.

So I went to Espana, Manila near UST and went to one of those instagram-store-collection place (pretty much a physical store where you can find some big instagram shops), Shopitude.

I saw a City Color nude palette in one of my previous visits there, and I wanted to get that. However, when I took a second look, I saw that the shadows were also very shimmery.

Then I saw this:

 photo Elf eyeshadow palette Mad For Matte 01_zpsyr4c9iv8.jpg

This ELF (Eyes Lips Face) Mad For Matte eyeshadow palette is a very basic, nude palette with no sign of shimmer nor shine. This was exactly what I needed.

I forgot how much this costs.

Oh wait.

 photo Elf eyeshadow palette Mad For Matte 02_zps4cs5gk2v.jpgE.L.F. Eyeshadow Palette in Mad For Matte (Php 450)

I think it’s a little tad too expensive for a palette from a drugstore brand, only because it only has 10 colors, and shadows come in small quantity.

But when I saw the colors, I knew that I can use ALL the colors for everyday wear and I knew then that it’s going to be well worth it.

The case:

 photo Elf eyeshadow palette Mad For Matte 03_zpsjeo09mas.jpg

The case is very handy since it’s small, and it feels really sturdy and not flimsy at all.

It also has a mirror the size of the compact itself.

 photo Elf eyeshadow palette Mad For Matte 04_zpsvcerrk86.jpg

Some swatches:

 photo Elf eyeshadow palette Mad For Matte 05_zps6gnastqn.jpg
 photo Elf eyeshadow palette Mad For Matte 06_zps3jbpg0eu.jpg

Here are my thoughts:

  • Well, let me just start off by saying I am obsessed with this palette.
  • Well, I really have no choice since this is the only all-matte eyeshadow palette I own, which will not make me look like I’m about to take over the dance floor with my shimmery eyes.
  • That being said, I practically use this everyday because it is perfect for everyday, no-make make up.
  • Shades are perfect for the very, very core reasons for eyeshadows – being an eyeshadow.
  • I just recently learned from a YouTube guru – who I forgot since I watch gazillons of eyemakeup tutorial a day- that eyeshadows’ primary job is not to give your eye are some colors, but to give your eye area some shadows. Take one ‘duh’ pill, please.
  • Anyway, eyeshadows are not about the colors, but they are all about the depths and… err… “3D-ness” if that makes sense.
  • And this ELF palette is perfect for that.
  • Color pigmentation’s not entirely intense, but very buildable.
  • Also, the shades give me enough variation of the look I’m going for or the intensity of the ‘shadow’ I want.
  • I LOVE that this comes in a compact, sturdy container.
  • No brush or brush compartment, though. That’s a con since this could easily be a perfect palette for travel.

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to take note the shop where I bought this, and I don’t know if there are still stocks in Shopitude 🙁

December 28, 2015