Swatches: L ‘Oreal Paris Tint Caresse (ALL COLORS!)

Hey, remember when I said how much I LOVE L‘Oreal Paris Tint Caresse? Well, I went ahead and bought all shades!

Side note: no, I am not rich. I actually, literally opened my piggy bank earlier than planned to find out if I can afford to buy all the remaining shades I didn’t own yet (six!)

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And I can! Wooot! Well, saving them 10-peso coins really paid off! Happiness!

Moral of the story, kids – save for the rainy days!

Aaaanyyywaaay, here are the beauties. The review’s on the link above already. Tint Caresse is pretty consistent with its formula 🙂

The wands, with flash:

The wands, without flash:

The tubes, with flash:

The tubes, without flash:

Arm swatches in different light settings:

Lip Swatch:

(Sorry for the dry lips. I was too excited to swatch I forgot to exfoliate first!)

Lily Blossom

Peony Blossom

Sakura Blossom

Peach Blossom

Rose Blossom

Tulip Blossom

Orchid Blossom

Plum Blossom

These babies are still on sale at BeautyMNL. Last I checked, they’re now down to Php375 a pop. I bought them for P400, which kind of pains me to see that the price’s lower now. Huhubells

December 24, 2015