Review: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

I am not a big Star Wars fan. The Episode I came out when I was a child and I thought it was a very ‘meh’ movie. I didnt know then the extent of the popularity of the franchise.

Only recently (a year or two?) did I watch Episodes IV to VI and they were enjoyable beyond words. I like the influence of philosophy and religion in the theme, as well as the well-crafted universe of SW. It’s like the Whoniverse or the Avatar world (Nickolodeon’s, not the blue thingies)

I am not a BIG fan of Star Wars, but then again, ‘A BIG STAR WARS FAN’ means some kind of an obsession.

Of course I will not miss the movie for the world. My first day of vacation and I caught it immediately. I needed to wait until midnight to reserve a ticket.

Nope, I am NOT a BIG Star Wars fan.

Here are my spoiler-free thoughts.

  • I LOVE IT. It did the franchise a good deal of justice.
  • It is wildy enjoyable.
  • There are some solid questions the movie raised which obviously would lead to more movies. Move over Avengers cinematic universe. Oh wait, Star Wars did it first *drop mic*
  • I cant say if you’ll enjoy this if you havent watch the first six movies yet. There were some subtle “backgrounders”, but you might miss it if you’re not paying close attention.
  • Oscar Isaac is Bae.
  • Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Adam Driver were AWESOME as the next generation SW characters, if you’d like to call them that.
  • Daisy was a delight to watch. John was equally so. I would love to see more of them together.
  • Adam was love. I love him in Girls, and I love him here (I hate his character – but this is the spoiler-free part so I am not going to explain why.)
  • I pity those who do not follow the SW franchise and has no plans of watching it. It’s a cinematic universe which deserves the attention of everyone.

Here are my other thoughts which WILL contain spoilers.

  • Daniel Craig had a cameo and I didn’t realize until later. I want to watch SW again to fully appreciate his presence.
  • Where’s Gwendolyn Christie’s beautiful face?!
  • And Lupita Nyong’o’s?!?!?
  • Is the syntax of mynlast comment even correct?!?
  • Where’s Lando?!?
  • I love that they involve a storm trooper in a personal level in thenplot. However, i thought storm troopers… suck? Finn’s awesome.
  • I am seriously confused with Ray. I thought she was the daughter of Luke, but apparently she’s not. She’s not, isnt she? I love her, though.
  • I’m worried about the character though. She’s perfect. She can do anything and it looks like she had not flaws. I fear that she wont have much character development.
  • Let’s talk about THAT scene. THAT death scene. I cried. I was seriously crying in a cinema full of people and NO I AM NOT OK!
  • So, a non-jedi Force Ghost, perhaps?
  • I thought that the force should only be used to defend, but when Ray was fighting Ren because Finn was super hurt, which angered Ray, wasn’t she, like, giving in to the dark side?
  • Lupita’s character is probably my favorite new character.
  • When Luke Skywalker appeared  for, like, 90 seconds, I was again crying very hard and my heart was just so full of emotions huhuhuhu. THIS IS YOUR FAULT, SKYWALKER. HE WILL NOT DIE IF YOU WERE THERE!!!!!!

So there, do not miss this movie. Also, watch it on 3D!

December 22, 2015