Review: Pink Sugar’s HD Lipstick (Naked)

I just recently have a love-hate relationship with Pink Sugar cosmetics. I LOVE their Lip and Cheek tints, but abhored their Honey I’m Good Eyeliner Duo.

One is to one is an odd i can work with.

So I went ahead with my gut and got one of their lippies, the Pink Sugar HD Lipstick (P299) in the nude shade of Naked.

Here’s the package:

 photo Pink Sugar HD Lipstick 02_zpseiusymnh.jpg

 photo Pink Sugar HD Lipstick 01_zpsyncedmvo.jpg

Here’s a swatch next to another lippie, Ever Bilena’s Matte Lipstick (in Mauvey).

 photo Ever Bilena Mauvey and Pink Sugar Naked_zpsptisjb4s.jpg

Gah. What a gorgeous color!

 photo Pink Sugar HD Lipstick 03_zps72ga3qw3.jpg(left: Pink Sugar’s Naked; right: Ever Bilena’s Mauvey)

Some swatches in different light settings

 photo EB Mauvey and PS Naked swatch 01_zpsqybt6zqr.jpg

 photo EB Mauvey and PS Naked swatch 02_zpsjpvpfpjp.jpg

 photo EB Mauvey and PS Naked swatch 03_zpsajlbgbdn.jpg


My thoughts:

  • I like the color. This is one of the colors that A told me I look “very well-hydrated” on.
  • This is not matte, btw. But i like its texture – it’s not suuuper glossy. I like how creamy the texture is as well.
  • It doesnt last particularly long, and it is definitely not kissproof. What I did was wear a MeNow Kissproof Lip pencil in nude (fpr got the number, will post with a swatch soon) then layer with this one and it’s magic.
  • I think it’s pretty ok for its price, I guess. But not NOW that major brands are on crazy deals. If you want a cheaper, gorgeous nude, get the velvet matte of Maybelline in Matt 12. Only costs P250, but their sale is only until the end of the year.
  • I dont get the HD title.

Anyway, I’d give this lippie a thumbs up, only because this particular color is sooooo beautiful. I wish they’ll have more  nude colors, though.

That’s two to one, Pink Sugar. I want to try now their more pricey items, but they are… Pricey.


December 14, 2015