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My Sooper Beaute Sooperhoarding

I did a pretty intense hoarding of Sooper Beaute some months back because they were in this insane sale (up to 70% off!).

Since I decided to organic for while there, I tried out this online store. SB first caught my eyes because of the colorful and very cute packaging of its products.

Sooper Beaute accepts online orders (Sis was super accomodating as well). And lucky for me, I walk within walking distance from two of their physical stalls (the one in Espana and the one in Mendiola), and another is only a jeepney ride away (SM Manila).

Here are my loots and a quick description/review:

Here’s all of them. I’m giving most of the lippies as gifts.

 photo Sooperbeaute superloot_zpsxy0jpdtz.jpg
Let’s start, shall we?

 photo Sooperbeaute loot - Lip Balm_zps39hwg1qt.jpg TINTE KISS BALM

  • regular price: Php 180
  • one thing you should know about me, is that I am not a big fan of glossy lippies. But…
  • The smell is AMAAAZIIING. Plus, pigmentation is superb, so you can use this to give your lips some color.
  • My only regret is I only got one for myself. And would be giving theothers as gifts. Waaa.
  • available in three shades: Kiss Me, Makeout and Shygirl

 photo Sooperbeaute - SoMatte Lipsticks_zps9uiaxpxv.jpgSO MATTE LIPSTICK

  • regular price: Php 380
  • available in five shades: Berry Exotic, I Like to Mauve it, Orange You Gorgeous, Pinky Promise and Red-dy For You
  • wrote a review on this

 photo Sooperbeaute - Tinte BB Cream Fair_zpsjdf2yec8.jpgTINTE BB CREAM (g)

  • regular price: Php 250
  • available in fair and medium
  • I use this if I’m feeling a little tamad to do the whole make up shebang. It doesnt cover well (i think this was supposed to be a primer or something) but enough to not give me a dull look. I also appreciate the SPF (WE NEED THE SPFS, LADIES!)

 photo Sooperbeaute - Underarm Brightener_zpsmpcqf2yv.jpgUNDERARM BRIGHTENER CREAM (15g)

  • regular price: Php 250
  • I’ve been using this for a while now. I really cant say that it alone brightens my underarm (I’m using this with the bleach). But my UA’s noticibly smoother now. I’m giving it more time.

 photo Sooperbeaute - Bleaching Compound_zps3nzquv5k.jpgBLEACHING COMPOUND (100g)

  • regular price: Php 250
  • this is larger than the underarm brightener creme. Same comment above.
  • instruction: use 3 to 4 times a week, leave on for 1 hour or even overnight

 photo Sooperbeaute - Pore Eraser Soap_zpsyyjurckw.jpgPORE ERASER SOAP

  • regular price: Php 150
  • I only realized when I tore the soap from its plastic wrapper that this looks like a slice of watermelon. Fun!
  • I am using this on my face only. My face felt kind of tight after I wash with this. Love it.

 photo Sooperbeaute - Pore Eraser Toner_zpsvuu28ftq.jpgPORE ERASER TONER

  • regular price: Php 230
  • I use this at night.

 photo Sooperbeaute - Pore Minimizing Serum_zpsf6vr8yet.jpgPORE MINIMIZING SERUM

  • regular price: Php 270
  • I use this as a primer. My skin feels AMAZING after this. LOVE.

 photo Sooperbeaute - Pimple Away Day Cream_zpsj1ggmsmc.jpgPIMPLE-AWAY DAY CREAM (30g)

  • regular price: Php 250
  • i use this as an alternative to my Pore Minimizing Serum as foundation primer.

 photo Sooperbeaute - Pimple Away Solution_zpsijfh5ppx.jpgPIMPLE-AWAY SOLUTION (60g)

  • regular price: Php 250
  • i use this as an alternative to my Pore Minimizing Toner. It has more sting to it than the minimizer. Probably because of the lemon extract.


  • regular price: Php 340
  • This was the latest item I bought from them and I wanted to use this on the awful scratches on my legs I got weeks ago. Maybe it’s my hardcore patience not to scratch the wound, or this other expensive ointment I use (a medical one), or this very cream – but my scratches are now minimizing. YEY!
  • however the pump broke 🙁

There you go. I am loving some of their products. Some are just ok. Nothing is horrible. I might do some hording if they are on sale again 🙂

I picked this up from their SM Manila Kiosk. Might be helpful for you: Sooper Beaute