Review: Sooper Beaute So Matte Lipsticks

One of my Sooper Beaute loots are their gorgeous matte lippies.

Since SB was on an amazing sale, I bought tons of it, some of which are to be given as christmas gifts.

And three of them are for meeee 🙂


 photo Sooperbeaute - SoMatte Lipsticks_zps9uiaxpxv.jpg
They have five shades, I think. I only chose three.

 photo Sooperbeaute - SoMatte Lipstick Red-Dy For You_zps8h9prun6.jpgRed-dy For You
 photo Sooperbeaute - SoMatte Lipstick Orange You Gorgeous_zps6qs0rrcj.jpgOrange You Gorgeous
 photo Sooperbeaute - SoMatte Lipstick Berry Exotic_zpswzimnwcn.jpgBerry Exotic
Here are some swatches from different light settings:

From the top/left (Berry Exotic, Orange You Gorgeous, Red-Dy For You)

 photo Sooperbeaute - SoMatte Lipstick Swatch 02_zpsuqleev2d.jpg
 photo Sooperbeaute - SoMatte Lipstick Swatch 04_zpsryxxnsr9.jpg
 photo Sooperbeaute - SoMatte Lipstick Swatch 03_zpsvegvr62n.jpg
 photo Sooperbeaute - SoMatte Lipstick Swatch 01_zpsqcluz90i.jpg
My thoughts:

  • They are highly pigmented. One swipe is enough to achieve gorgeous colors.
  • I thought the Mauve was just ok in the swatches I saw online, but it’s GORGEOUS IRL!
  • The colors could also be too bright for some people. Not me, of course but for some. But not, BRIGHT-bright. Maybe if you’re transitioning into bold colors, try these.
  • The staying power’s just ok.
  • This is matte, so it could be drying for some.
  • They have a certain smell. It’s not completely horrible, but not as lovely as their lip glosses.

I think Super Beaute’s still on sale. Better check out the IG account, @SooperBeaute.

I picked this up from their SM Manila Kiosk. Might be helpful for you: Sooper Beaute

xo, A

December 11, 2015