Review: L ‘Oreal Paris Tint Caresse

L ‘Oreal Paris Tint Caresse is a very unique lippie because it’s a powder lipstick.

Weird, right?

So, I watched this tutorial by Say Tioco, my new imaginary bff, about this awesome ombre-effect lip look and I wanted to try it, so I bought two shades of Tint Caresses (Caressi?): Peony and Plum.

I love how thin they are 🙂

That’s the applicator. It’s a sponge-ish tip which is really smooth when applied. This tip retracts everytime you screw it on the “cap”. So whenever you open this beautiful little lippie, this brush tip *insert word for the opposite of retract… protract?*. It extends a little. It’s fun, actually.

Then, at the “cap” is where the magic happens. It houses the actual color. See for yourselves:



Here are me thoughts

  • I love this. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS. I have zero regrets I bought two. I want to collect all shades. I LOVE THIIIIS. Edited: i went ahead and bought all of the shades! Swatches: L ‘Oreal Paris Tint Caresse (ALL COLORS!)
  • And, FYI, even if it is “powder”. You dont have to, like, dust it. Hahahahhahaha (that was what I thought)
  • Staying power’s ok I guess. I thought staying power’s going to be horrible considering that this is powder, but the PLUM survived my coffee and lunch (although it needed retouching, there’s a hint of tint). The darker the shade, the longer it lingers on the lips.
  • I thought I was gonna regret getting the Plum, but I absolutely loved the color. Lakas maka ganda, neng!
  • It may look like I am wearing nothing in the poeny swatch, but it actually is a gorgeous, natural orange shade. PERFECT for daytime and summer and sunshine and happiness.
  • I LOVE how light they are. I practically can’t feel them on my lips.
  • Also, I was surprised how pigmented these are.
  • You need to do some lips exfoliating. Do not imitate me *see photos above*
  • Maybe just reformulate it to be longer-wearing, and I’d consider this the best lipstick evuuuuur!
  • (also, more nude colors, please)
  • I still can’t pull off the ombre effect huhu

Here are some swatches in different light settings:

Do you have one (or all)? Tell me what you think in the comment 🙂