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My latest Beauty Loot: BYS and Maybelline

I again went to my favorite SM Cosmetic Section – the one in SM Manila – to grab a Maybelline eyeliner (my everyday eyeliner) to take advantage of their sale.

However, since I had ZERO self control, I ended up grabbing more stuff. UGH.

BYS is an Australian brand, I think. Wait let me check.

Yep, an aussie brand. I first heard of them on Facebook and I’ve been meaning to check them out.

Anyway, they have TONS of lippies with a wide range of colors. Nakakatuwa, actually.

 photo Watsons Loot_zpsmfxuq6dz.jpg

Here are my recent loots and very quick reviews.


  • A dupe for very famous, very expensive Beauty Blender.
  • It’s an egg-shaped sponge.
  • At first, being a non-beauty expert, I was really confused with all the hype. It’s just a sponge, I thought.
  • You need to wet it with water then squeeze out thr excess liquid and use it as how you’d use a sponge. Because it IS a sponge.
  • I read reviews that it is supposed to double its size when wet, but mine maybe just enlarged 20-30%.
  • At first, I was like, meh. Then I full appreciated this pink thing while applying my foundation. It cut my application time by at least half, vs when I was using a brush or my fingers when blending my foundation.
  • Also, the finish looked more natural.
  • Note: do NOT use this by swiping. Rather, gently dab it on your face until your foundation blends with your skin. The exact word is “to stipple”.
  • I LOVE THEEESE. I should really aim for the original Beauty Blender to see the difference with the dupes. It really is a nice investment.

 photo BYS - Blending Brush_zpsocer8aaz.jpg


  • It claimed to be matte, but it’s not. It should be labelled “not-that-shiny-but-still-shiney” instead of matte.
  • The long part of the cap keeps on detaching itself. Annoying.
  • There’s nothing really extra spectacular with BYS’s nail polish. Only overly overpriced.
  • BYS nail enamel has a wide range of colors, though. Still, I can find tons of similar-looking nail polish for so much less.

 photo BYS - Matte Nail Enamel_zps8em6stio.jpg photo BYS - Matte Nail Enamel Cap off_zpsl2c3ngjk.jpg photo BYS - Matte Nail Enamel opened_zpsxbxoj8p5.jpg photo BYS - Matte Nail Enamel Swatch 01_zps3iwiqyzb.jpg


  • With my new-found love of my brow in mind, I decided to grab an eyebrow powder! 😀
  • I have nothing to compare BYS eyebrow powder with this is my first eyebrow kit EVER. So.
  • I does its job, and that’s pretty much my minimum requirement.

 photo BYS - Brow Powder_zpsmdilpas2.jpg  photo BYS - Brow Powder Back_zpsbiebqy7c.jpg photo BYS - Brow Powder Open_zpsgoqcoyoy.jpg


I was supposed to buy Maybelline’s eyebrow kit, but the ate at BYS told me that she’ll give me some freebies if I buy from her instead. Why the hell not! Yey! 😀
 photo BYS Freebie_zpssr6gtynf.jpg


  • Well, I’ve been using this liner for a long time now, and this is my second stick (although my first one’s not yet empty). They didnt have this in black at that time, so this is black-brown.
  • I just love this. My eyelids are super oily, but this liner does not budge anf it stays ALL DAY.
  • Also, application is easy and smooth. LOVE!

 photo Maybelline MasterLiner Brown_zpszwacqzg6.jpg

There you go. I promise, this will me by last beauty loot of the year! HAHA KIDDING!

I am so, very sorry wallet 🙁