Review: MeNow Long Lasting Lipgloss

MeNow Long Lasting Lipgloss is part of my recent BeautyMNL loot. I’m in no mood to blog about this anymore, but I’ll do that anyway because reasons.

 photo MeNow Lipgloss_zpsxd9zxhpu.jpg
The MeNow Long Lasting Lipgloss is one of two lippie lines of MeNow available at BeautyMNL. This was supposed to be a Christmas gift to my boss, since she prefers glosses to matte lippies.

However, because of my experience with one of my MeNow Kissproof Lip Pencils, I decided to try this first myself. It only costed less than P150, so I was willing to buy it again if indeed it’s better than MeNow Kissproof Lip Pencils No. 4.

Spoiler alert, it’s not.

Here are my thoughts.

  • Horrible. I don’t know if I got a bad batch, or all the reviews I read at BeautyMNL are lying.
  • This lippie is HO-RRI-BLE.
  • It’s sticky. Too sticky. WAAAY too sticky. I literally don’t want my upper lip to touch my lower lip because it was too darn uncomfortable.
  • Am I putting this on wrong? I did everything – only a little quantity, tons of quantity. I layer by placing one layer and letting it dry then putting on another layer. Nothing worked.

Here’s what I meant.


On the left (your left), I applied MeNow Long Lasting Lipgloss. The MeNow Kissproof on the right.


  • The only thing that worked to at least subdue the stickiness was by applying a lip balm. TONS of lip balm.
  • This is 1,000,000x worse than my MeNow Kissproof Lip Pencils No. 004. Ugh.
  • And even if i am able to minimize the stickiness, the color pigmentation is horrible, and the color on my lips becomes uneven.
  • Goodness, i hate this product so very much.

Will I buy it again? No. Will I advise you to buy it? No.

I know it’s cheap but you can still find a lot of quality products elsewhere.

Anyone wants to call dibs? I can give it to you for free. Only used it a couple of times. Just post a comment below with your email, and I’ll contact you. Meet ups only please. I can ship it, but you shoulder the fees

edit: new rule! i was supposed to meet up a girl to give this lippie, but she stood me up. Ugh. So, I am NOT getting out of my way anymore to give this to you (unless if you want it shipped, i can still do that). You can either meet me up in the National University area during the weekends or anywhere outside my work hours (8am-9pm), at UST Espana at 8 to 9 am or GMA Network in Quezon City from 10am to 8pm (No, there’s no guarantee that you’ll see Alden haha). Take note that the lippie’s still for free, albeit used.

ps. I am really pissed that I was stood up. I was supposed to give her din sana the kissproof 004, but meh. So i’m. giving that away with the gloss if anyone’s interested. It’s a pity since she’s a co-Thomasian. While waiting and when I realized that I was being stood up, I was thinking of ways to destroy her life since, you know, I’m pretty good at that. I already know tons of things about her (millennials made it too easy), and I wanted to write some letters to people about this ungrateful girl so as to put that on her record or something so that it’ll affect her employment in the future. I can do that. And I HAVE DONE that. Guys, again, i ruin lives for a living (well, not technically the job desc), and I am really good at what I do. Do not piss me off.

However, I thought. meh. It’s not worth the effort nor the attention. I piss off corrupt politicians, one of the most powerful man on the country, senators, congressmen, mayors, business tycoons, military officers. My energy is needed elsewhere. I just said a little prayer, and I moved on. See, I’m a changed woman!

November 24, 2015