On a personal note

aka Why is there a sudden influx of beauty-related posts?

Hello, my dear and only reader who I shall name Ricardo. By now you’ve probably already noticed that recently I have tons of beauty-related posts.

Well, please allow me to explain, Ricardo. Please don’t go my only reader!

  • My life is boring. So, there’s really nothing else to blog about.
  • I have yet to catch another movie because I am waaay too busy with work, and what little I have left on the weekends, I watch makeup tutorials. HAHAHAHA
  • So, what’s with the sudden make-up interest, you ask? This is not ‘sudden’.
  • I’ve always have an interest with make up. I have tons, TONS of lipsticks. I own a set of must-have kinds of brushes (not in a professional level, but enough – like for foundation, blush, some kinds for the eyes, lips, etc.)
  • Why am i still writing this in bullet form?
  • I also have one of those eyeshadow pallets. Like a HUGE one. Maybe 50+ shades. I don’t use them everyday, but every girl should have one.
  • But I don’t usually write about make up stuff because I am not an authority on it. I have zero knowledge of make up and fashion and beauty, and everything i know, i learned from Youtube and Kate Middleton (keep it classy, ladies!)
  • Believe you me I even had to google what “washout” meant. Ugh.
  • Still on bullets.
  • So why am I writing about it now? I don’t know. It’s not like I’m giving you guys beauty tips (we have Queen Chloe for that). I mostly do reviews of products I wear everyday, and my only reader Ricardo, does not wear make up in the first place. So.
  • I don’t know. I need to, like, re-re-re-restart my life. Right now, gorgeous bright red lippies make me happy so I’m gonna write about that.
  • Make ups are usually associated with being superficial and mababaw. Meh. I think I am confident enough of my wit (not intelligence. I am not smart. But I’m funny. Right? Guys?) to not be bothered with those. So whatever you say stranger.
  • There was a person (a girl. Ugh) who told me “ano ba yang make up make up na yan. Tigilan na yan” when I was relating to her that I bought three lippies over the weekend. And I was, like, meh.
  • Also, what people don’t understand is that makeup = science. I. Kid. You. Not. You have to know, like, chemistry and the reactions of substances so as not to make your foundation look very cake-y. Science, bitch.
  • Yup. Bullets. Still.
  • I guess the most major change I noticed in my life, aside from the latest non-warranted, unrequited heartbreak and feeling of abandonment (wow ang haba nun!), is that I’m waking up really extra in the morning these past few weeks. Yup, even on the weekend. I wanted to restart my body clock to train it back to waking up at 9am, but I now like waking up at 6am for an 11am work hour. So, i have heaps of time to do my make up now! Yey!
  • I also redone my skincare routine. Like gazillion of times improved it.
  • I am also into organic stuff now. I even made my own facial scrub. Hahahaha 😀
  • I am focusing on myself right now. That may sound very eat-pray-love-y (actually i dont know, i havent read the book or watched the film), but yeah. I realized that I’ve always been very generous with lots of things – my time, my attention – and I ignore myself more often than not. That needs to stop. I think i’m gonna take all the energy i give to caring for someone who clearly does not make an effort to do the same, and refocus that energy to myself. I guess i’m in the last stage of grief already, huh. Good for me.
  • Cue Demi Lovato’s Give Your Heart A Break.
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November 23, 2015