How To: Sharpen your Lip Pencil

Yes. This blog entry is pretty much a self-mockery of my stupidity.

To be fair to me… nope there’s no excuse. Hahahaha!

So, meet one of my lippies, the Nyx Jumpo Lip Pencil in Hot Red (704).

 photo Sharpener 01_zpszqoqxnly.jpg

I used this as an alternate to my Nyx Matte Lipstick (Pure Red). Even if the lip pencil does not leave a matte finish, I still adore its color and amazing pigmentation.

For a long time now, I stopped using this because I thought that I already finished it.

 photo Sharpener 02_zpscy04b1am.jpg

The pencil’s not retractable, so I thought “Meh, I already got my money’s worth”, since this is SUPER pigmented and I only need little to fully cover my lips.

Then I started shopping for some lip pencils at BeautyMNL.

In every two MeNow lip pencils I buy, BeautyMNL gives me freebies. They gave me a pencil sharpener.

It made sense to give me a pencil sharpener since I am buying lip pencils.

Then I remember my much-adored Nyx Jumbo Lip Pencil.

Can I actually sharpen it?

 photo Sharpener 03_zpslbxklbrd.jpgReady?

 photo Sharpener 04_zpsvkp9h0fa.jpgOhhh it fits

 photo Sharpener 05_zpsb9goxn2o.jpgIt’s sharpening! HOLY COW!

 photo Sharpener 06_zps34e6xz5h.jpgWHAT THE HELL?!

 photo Sharpener 07_zpsxwvm6n2x.jpgAHHHHHHH!


The Nyx Jumbo Lip Pencil felt very plastic-y so I really thought I couldn’t sharpen it.


Well, we learn something new everyday… right? Guys?

Please don’t judge me 😐

November 19, 2015