A closer look: 2016 Belle De Jour Power Planner and Petite Planner

Since it’s election year next year, I decided to buy my planner early because I’m planning my life until May next year already.

I was supposed to get aN SB-Moleskin planner, but I’ve reached a point in mylife where buying an expensive cup of coffee for a planner is super impractical. Yes, ladies and gents, I’ve reached a point of financial maturity. Take a curtsy, Aika.

I’ve ALWAYS loved the BDJ planners, not only because it has some useful features, but because the BDJ community is awesome. Girl power yey!

Good thing the BDJ online shop is on sale. Yehey!

 photo ilovebdj - banner_zpszgas6oyo.jpg

I decided to get a mini planner for my, err, non-work related life – which is NOT a lot (I have no friends). I really need to remind myself why I bought this :/

Original price: Php 320
Sale Price: Php 280
SAVE: Php 40

 photo ilovebdj - petite planner_zpsnsmsnxoj.png
The notebooks look cute, and I need one anyway, so i grabbed the Innovation variety (the blue one)

Original price: Php 240
Sale Price: Php 200
SAVE: Php 40

 photo ilovebdj - notebook_zpsbf5q1ubi.pngOf course, there’s the every-so-girly, ever-so-powerful BDJ Planner.

Original price: Php 598
Sale Price: Php 540
SAVE: Php 58

 photo ilovebdj - planner_zpslqmfztvq.png

Also, shipping’s free!

I placed and paid my order on November 9, Monday, and received them on November 12, Wednesday.

Yey! 🙂


 photo BDJ 2016_zpss0rquuzw.jpg

Here’s a closer look at my new babies.


 photo BDJ Planner_zpsxfgurchv.jpg

The planner itself has that familiar BDJ feel that I love.

Look, it still had its Fully Booked bar code. Yey for savings!

 photo BDJ 2016 price_zpsxeosg0vx.jpg

It also came with a magnetic bookmark which mimics the cover image of the planner. This will definitely come in handy.

 photo BDJ Magnet_zpspe9fcooc.jpg

Here’s a list of what’s inside.

 photo BDJ Planner - content_zpsfnlvbkh5.jpg

The monthly calendar.

 photo BDJ Planner - monthly_zpsszg9t0wh.jpg

The spacious weekly format. I used the space at the bottom for the birthdays. I might do that this year, but I already have an app for that.

 photo BDJ Planner - weekly_zpsvgl7ythz.jpg

One of my favorite Belle De Jour Planner features. THIS page is what makes the BDJ planner extra women-friendly (not to mention, intimate).

 photo BDJ Planner - menstrul tracker_zps6wzfvaxz.jpg

Another one of my favorite BDJ Planner features, the bill tracker!

 photo BDJ Planner - bills tracker_zps9xffrljp.jpg
THIS  was probably my most-used section of BDJ (aside from the weekly). I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PART!

 photo BDJ Planner - cashflow tracker_zpsirbwsa6g.jpg

Emergency infos.

Emergency Information



Unlike the last BDJ planner I had (was it 2013?), the 2015’s coupons are in a separate booklet, so I need not tear apart my planner. THANK YOU BDJ!

BDJ Coupons
It came with some mini stickers

Mini Stickers
Here’s the handy coupon tracker

Coupon Tracker

Oh, hello.

 photo BDJ Coupons - coupons_zps60ahsfjx.jpg


I was quite surprised that this notebook’s hardbound.

 photo BDJ Notebook_zpsl71uommx.jpg

This is a pretty straightforward notebook with no intros or colorful inspirational quotes.

I love the simplicity of it. I’m sure this will come in handy this elections!

 photo BDJ Notebook - priority list_zpsxihyy9ze.jpg


And lastly, here’s the petite planner i have yet to decide what to use o . Hahahahahha

There’s a monthly calendar

 photo BDJ Petite - monthly_zpsa4aa5tpa.jpg

A very spacious weekly calendar

 photo BDJ Petite - weekly_zpszwkgx70d.jpg

There’s also some bucketlist pages

 photo BDJ Petite - bucketlist_zpsrbguxgka.jpg

The online sale’s until the end of November only, in case you’re planning to get one.

Xoxo, Bella 😀

November 14, 2015