Review: Goosebumps (2015)

I am not REALLY a BIG fan of Goosebumps books, but one of the Goosebumps books made a big impact on my when I was little – A Night at Terror Tower. I can’t even remember how I got my hands on a copy, but i remember being taken aback by the twist of the book that for the first time in my life, thought “I wish I wrote that”.

So I was ecstatic to find out that there’s going to be a Goosebumps movie, and it stars Jack Black (who, I think is reaaally talented, but is being limited by Hollywood. You guys, watch Bernie and marvel on Mr. Black’s awesomeness).

I finally got the time to catch Goosebumps in the cinemas today. Here are my thoughts. Might contain spoilers

– again, being a big Jack Black fan, i think the RL Stine role is perfect for him. i could imagine everyone else playing the other roles, but only Black for Stine.

– the “Hello Mr. Stine””Hello Mr. Black” exchange between Black and THE actual RL Stine at the end of the movie was super cool.

– I’ve been trying to remember where I know Dylan Minnette from, the dude who plays Zach, one of the main characters. IMDB told me he played Jack’s son in LOST. God dammit, I’m soooo old 😐

– there were TONS of plotholes in Goosebumps, but those do not make the movie less enjoyable.

– Like its trailer, Goosebumps is highly entertaining. The script was riddled with witty, no-nonsense one-liners (“Most teenagers aren’t afraid of death, but I was born with the gift of fear. When I was four and put on a swing, I thought, so this is how it ends.”).

– the whole time I was watching, I was thinking “This could be THIS generation’s Jumanji”.

– The Hannah plot was a bit cheesy for me, but I didnt see that coming (have I lost my touch?!).

– Yes for part two! I hope to see the Prince and Princess of York!

I highly suggest you catch the movie in 3D.

(ok, while browsing Dylan Minnette’s profile, I found out that Hollywood remade Let The Right One In, a swedish movie and among my favorite vampire films. I need to find a copy of that adaptation!)

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November 8, 2015