Luna J Filipino Gastropub (Tomas Morato, Quezzon City)

Because of the suggestion of MP, M and I ate at Luna J Filipino Gastropub located at Il Terazzo, Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

On a side note, I noticed how quick the restaurants in Il Terazzo come and go. Whatever happened to Mad for Pizza? I’m just happy that Banapple is surviving haha

Anyway, we didnt pay that much attention to Luna J since it looks posh and fancy and not for the poverty-striken individuals such as myself. But since MP was very much confident that we’ll love the place, we decided to give it a try.

Presenting my ‘pa-art’ photos! (The very much cliche picture of food)

 photo Luna J 01_zpspl3ynzfv.jpg

 photo Luna J 04_zps2ywcmlgm.jpg

Here’s the place. With all fairnes the ambiance is very relaxed and light. Design is minimalistic and not very busy (hence distracting). Please call me Aika, the interior design expert. Hahahahahah!

 photo Luna J 02_zpsfnm9ya7b.jpg

Here’s a photo of the food!

(Sorry, i didnt bother to take a photo of M’s food because that is rude. And you know me, I’m very polite. Hahahhahah #choz)

 photo J Luna Bangus_zpsz7ifnrpf.jpg

Bangus, P180 (with rice and two side dishes)

Their value meals are amazing! The taste:size:price ratio is of the advantage for us poor people. I just wish that they’ll retain the prices 🙂

The bangus was large, moist and very tasty, and the side dish was an extra bonus.

I want to try ALL their value meal so I expect to see myself dining here more. The variety seems endless (well, its not, obviously). A+!

 photo Luna J Pandan Tea_zpszlgprchh.jpg
Pandan Tea, P70

The Pandan Tea was very… bleh, Tastes like grass. But, that’s on me. What do you expect a drink called”Pandan Tea” to taste like, aika? Pepsi?

We also tried their buko pandan, but I suggest to just grab your dessert elsewhere.

And here are some of the items on their menu:

 photo Luna J Menu 01_zpsgqpd6fjv.jpg

The cocktails #lasengga

 photo Luna J Menu 02_zpsht5iql4b.jpg

Luna J Filipino Gastropub
Il Terazzo, Tomas Morato, Quezon City

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February 28, 2015