Oscars 2015: Boyhood

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The last movie on my list!

Will contain spoilers. Here are my thoughts.

  • This is probably the most intimate movie I’ve ever seen.
  • Nothing is happening. No major conflict, and the plot is basically non-existent. Yet Boyhood’s story is astonishing.
  • After watching the movie, I told myself “I liked it. I liked it a lot”, but I just cant put my finger on why i liked it. I was moved by the movie, but I dont know how. I just have this sense of loss when I saw the ending credit roll
  • Although it runs for almost three hours, I wish it could be longer.
  • I adored their mom, Olivia’s struggles. Not “HAHA SUFFER, BITCH” kind of adoration, but I love watching how she’s a victim of domestic abuse at one scene, and triumphant at the next, and broke at the next. Her last scene was a little underwhelming, but the whole point of it was beautiful.
  • That’s the beauty of Boyhood, there’s not plot so you can’t predict anything. You just watch the marvelous transformation of each character with each scene.
  • My favorite will always be Sam.
  • Birdman and Boyhood’s Directions are both freaking awesome.

Now that I am done with all the Oscars nominees, I honestly dont know what I want and what would win. Boyhood or Birdman are probably going to win, and I will happy accept if one of them will. Even Whiplash and the Theory of Everything. Or even The Grand Budapest Hotel.

This is a good year for Oscars.

Oscars 2015: The Best Picture

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February 19, 2015