Oscars 2015: Birdman

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Some comments:

  • What a very weird movie. I liked it.
  • I think movie and theater people will appreciate the movie more.
  • I particularly admired the single-take shots (or the illusion of it), but found the technique exhausting at some point. Although, I think the cameraworks went pretty well with the plot of the movie.
  • Michael Keaton was aweeesome. I particularly loved that he was once Batman himself.
  • There are tons of shouts in the movie – superhero movies, critics, crazy method actors, drugs, etc.
  • Edward Norton is love. Edward Norton is life.
  • I didn’t even recognized Zach Galifianakis. That man can act beyond slapstick comedy. I would love to see more of him.
  • Emma Stone is a marvel.
  • “What?!” – me at the ending. Nuff said.

Ok, I thought that this year’s roster of movies are very “white” and very “male” (as suggested by critics), but I actually liked the nominees this year (except for American Sniper, of course). The movies are more magical and outside the box. Birdman pretty much proved that. I thought that the movie is some sort of an Oscar bait, but it was the opposite of that. This movie’s crazy – the good kind of crazy.

I think that Birdman is cinematically superior to Whiplash. Although I am more entertained with Whiplash, I think Birdman deserves to win more.

Oscars 2015: The Best Picture

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February 8, 2015