Oscars 2015: The Theory of Everything

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Will contain spoilers.

The Theory of Everything tells us the lives of Stephen and Jane Hawking – their love, their family, their struggles, and ALS.

Here are my thoughts

  • What made this movie truly remarkable was Eddie Redmayne (Stephen Hawking) and Felicity Jones (Jane Hawking). They shined like gloves washed with Tide (a little movie joke).
  • Eddie did a marvelous job in portraying Stephen that I forgave him for choosing Cosette over the very much adorable Eponine #neverforget
  • Kidding aside, there came a point in the movie that I forgot what Eddie (the guy who played Marius in Les Miserable) looked like because he completely transformed into the great physicist. It was a pleasure to watch him do that. Such art.
  • I don’t know much about Felicity, but was completely smitten with her charm. The only other work of her that I know was when she appeared in Doctor Who (among my favorite episodes, btw. The one with Agatha Christie). She looks a lot like The Mentalist’s Lisbon (Robin Tunney).
  • At first I was focusing all of my attention to Eddie, but ended up loving Felicity so much. That woman’s a gem.
  • The Theory of Everything appealed so much to the emotions of the viewer, which I think was ironic since the movie was about a very brainy person.
  • I was literally crying half the time.
  • I don’t know how I feel about the writing, though. The dialogues were enjoyable, but i think the writing as a whole – the pacing, plot, etc – was a a tad bit chaotic.
  • At one point, the movie lost me – things became so blurred, which was kind of a disappointment because the film had a VERY strong first half.
  • I think the major flaw of the movie was it’s too damn beautiful – and that does not mean the way you think it means. It’s liked the movie pacify the bad things that happened, and those they showed, they prettified (at one point, into a beautiful montage).
  • This made me very hard to connect with the characters. Everyone was so polite that I can’t read them. For a very emotional film, it was very distant.
  • What happened to the relationship between Stephen and his nanny, Elaine Mason? (who I adored in the movie, btw. Everyone in this film was soooo charming!). Audience won’t know unless they google it.
  • I love the music.
  • The ending. The ending was magical. Just as I was about to be completely disappointed with the chaos in the second half of the movie, the movie ended with so much magic. Stephen spoke the last lines of the movie, and then I was crying like a freakin baby again. It was very personal, and everything is all right again.

The Theory of Everything was really a very enjoyable film with solid acting.

I will still choose The Grand Budapest Hotel over this, though.

Oscars 2015: The Best Picture

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January 24, 2015