Kapurpurawan Rock Formation (Burgos, Ilocos Norte)

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And our last stop – and most definitely not the least – the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, also at Burgos town.

It was an insane place. It was like I was transported into another country. It was really immaculate. Mother Nature is awesome.

 photo 62-Kapurpurawan copy_zpsc3ta2hve.jpg
 photo 62-Kapurpurawan copy_zpsc3ta2hve.jpg
 photo 63-Kapurpurawan copy_zpsqayeygyz.jpg
 photo 64-Kapurpurawan copy_zpsb8ddqmr3.jpg
 photo 65-Kapurpurawan copy_zpsuaindqv3.jpg
 photo 66-Kapurpurawan copy_zpsw9tml37a.jpgHere’s Lam Ang. I know him, I swear.

 photo 67-Kapurpurawan copy_zpsqhfzyjtq.jpg
 photo 68-Kapurpurawan copy_zpsksnp5hm5.jpg
 photo 69-Kapurpurawan copy_zpset1j6bte.jpg
 photo 70-Kapurpurawan copy_zpsh7iqdpqd.jpg
 photo 72-Kapurpurawan copy_zpstawxeatn.jpg
 photo 71-Kapurpurawan copy_zpsf4ps1jbv.jpg
 photo 73-Kapurpurawan copy_zpsr0o4skgx.jpg
 photo 74-Kapurpurawan copy_zpsu1oknfuj.jpg
 photo 75-Kapurpurawan copy_zpsjo4cunv5.jpg

October 6, 2014