Patapat Viaduct, Aqua Grande, Paraiso ni Anton, Timmangtang Rock

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And now, we tour the lovely Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Patapat Viaduct

Probably among the more recognizable landmark of Pagudpud

 photo 08-Patapat copy_zpsrgwi0vyh.jpg
 photo 06-Patapat copy_zpsnnxhvlwt.jpg
 photo 07-Patapat copy_zpseuqvpuek.jpg
 photo 09-Patapat copy_zpsvvihgoi6.jpg
 photo 10-Patapat copy_zps15ujkp9i.jpg

Aqua Grande

 photo 12-Aqua Grande copy_zpsmj1kueuf.jpg
 photo 13-Aqua Grande copy_zpsguz6wwgq.jpg
 photo 14-Aqua Grande copy_zpspr2aq6yx.jpg
 photo 15-Aqua Grande copy_zpseqxagmnh.jpg
 photo 16-Aqua Grande copy_zpsixvpkpjc.jpg
 photo 17-Aqua Grande copy_zps1woqcndm.jpg

Paraiso ni Anton

 photo 18-Paraiso ni anton copy_zps7l1xgx1y.jpg

Timmangtang Rock

That little peace of rock with a hole in the center is the Bantay Abot Cave.

 photo 19-Timmangtang Rock copy_zpswof0kams.jpg
 photo 20-Timmangtang Rock copy_zpsxsu5nzeb.jpg

Our guide said that this Timmangtang Rock was part of the cave. This is basically the ‘hole’.

 photo 21-Timmangtang Rock copy_zpsewfqqqp1.jpg
 photo 22-Timmangtang Rock copy_zps2iig80f4.jpg
 photo 23-Timmangtang Rock copy_zpswuo7wuwo.jpg

October 5, 2014