How to redeem your 7-eleven Every Day! Rewards

So, I went ahead and tried to redeem a bar of Toblerone from my 7-eleven Everyday! Rewards points.

First I confirmed the points I accumulated over the past months.

I texted the number posted on 7-eleven’s website.

 photo bal01_zpscb4a7519.png
I got a reply.

 photo bal02_zps268f3721.png
My points are enough for a bar of SnowTop Toblerone. Oh giddy!

So I replied with a text.

 photo redeem01_zps8e94d9e9.png
And immediately got a reply.

 photo redeem02_zpsf52f4480.png
I will try to redeem the Toblerone later.


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August 15, 2014