X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

Spoilers ahead!

I am a fan of X-Men. I may not be a BIG fan because I don’t know the X-Men universe as much as them comic book people, but I watched all the movies (Including the horrible Wolverine one), and did really enjoy the animation series (the old and new version).

So I went ahead and watched the latest movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past, because it is bound to happen.

Here are my thoughts.

– was underwhelmed with Peter Dinklage’s role. I wanted him to be very, very cruel and very, very evil. Even as a villain, he’s still likeable in the movie. I can see him as a mad scientist that would put Cersei or Aunt Lysa to shame. He can totally pull it off. Just not in this movie. I want to see more of him in the next installments.

– James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are fine, sexy men. More plez. Yez plez.

– The movie also proved that even if James is sporting a ‘homeless man’ or ‘drunkard’ look, he’s still hotter and sexier than 98% of the population.

– my sister Jen Lawrence is fab. As ever. Luv her. I can’t stop looking at her boobs. That’s very classy of me.

– Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are institutions. Nothing bad could be said about them ever.

– This Wolverine is funnier and somehow lighter.

– When Logan went back after he went back in time (after the whole ordeal), and hinted to Professor X that he just came back, Charles’ face lit up and it was the best thing ever. I was so kilig at that scene, I don’t even know why.

– there were a lot of backstories connected to previous movies so if this is the first X-Men movie you watched, you’ll be very confused.

– a very quick cameo by Rogue! She’s among my favorite in the animation series, but did not like her as much in the movies (coz she lost all her sass). but im glad to see her well.

– it was very confusing at first, but it’ll grow on you.

– Peter/Quicksilver pretty much stole the whole movie. If Marvel wants more money, they should make a standalone movie about him or involve him more in th next movie.

– of course there’s going to be a next movie.

– the little side story that Magneto killed JFK, when in fact he saved him because he’s a mutant. Love it!

– the whole kitchen scene was my absolute favorite. We want Quicksilver!

– So, this movie made all the previous movies moot and academic, right? Jean and Scott are alive. I am so glad Scott’s alive but Jean is just… annoying. Sorry!

– I will go ahead and say X-Men: Days of Future Past is among the strongest X-Men movie. I have no complaints with the characters and the actors (a little with Dinklage’s character), I enjoyed time travel (I am, in fact, a Whovian), story was simple and complex at the same time, and fighting sequence was awesome.

On to the next X-Men! Please, enough of Wolverine already. There are tons of other mutants!

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May 26, 2014