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The Broadway Melody (1929)

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What is it with old movies and unfair treatment to its characters?

The Broadway Melody is about two sisters, Hank and Queenie, who went to New York to find fame and fortune.

There were a lot of singing.

So, Eddie is a song writer -slash- singer of some sort and he’s engaged to Hank, but was smitten by Queenie the first time he laid his eyes on her again (since she was a kid).

Hank was a very protective sister who loved Queenie so much. She also love Eddie so much.

Yadah yadah.

Apparently, Broadway people favored Queenie more than Hank because she was beautiful.

Then there was this rich dude who was a wominizer (implied), Jock who “corrupted” Queenie’s mind by giving her tons of stuff – like diamond stuff. Hank, being a kind sister, warned her about him.

Eddie, on the other hand, betrayed Hank and confessed his love for Queenie – through a song of course! At one point, Queenie admitted his love for Eddie as well.

Those sons of bitches #TeamHank

In the end (should I put a spoiler alert? This is a 1920s film), Eddie and Queenie got married and Hank was left STILL looking for fame without a love and a sister.

Those ingrate sons of bitches #TeamHank

Since this is the second Oscars best picture winner, and the first talkie, I am assuming that talkies were a relatively new when TBM came out.

So I found the acting awkward. except for Bessie Love, who played Hank. She was amazing. She made me cry so much and she’s the best part of the film.

That’s why I was so mad with the treatment of her character. Eddie’s a cheating prick and Queenie’s a bitch. Why do they have a happy ending and Hank does not?

I don’t know much bout history, but I am blaming it on misogyny and favor on male characters.

3 of 5 stars. And all 3 is because of Bessie Love/Hank

April 17, 2014