Ukay-ukay: EDSA-Kamuning

I’m on a hunt for Ukay Ukay!

As I am embracing my impending poverty, I am now buying my clothes at Ukay-Ukay! (Thrift shops).

I got four dresses (I don’t wear pants anymore, btw) for Php300 from an ukay-ukay shop in EDSA-Kamuning.

It’s a walking distance from where I work, so I went there before going to the office. I was pretty underwhelmed by the choices (they have tons of shoes though), but lucky for me, I found four dresses. Although Php75 a pop could be a little pricey for an ukay.

It was just a small room with less than 15 racks of clothes (I think). Price ranges from 3 for 100 to 75 (the dresses).

There’s also an ukay place near where I live. I found two spectacular dresses there. I bought the first one for Php85, then they increased their price to Php150. Tsk.

I will try to visit the famed ukay building in Anonas. Let’s see what my Php 700 can buy!

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January 13, 2014