Korean Food

Bulgogi Garden (Kalayaan Ave, Quezon City)

This is not entirely a review, since I have less materials to work with.

Today is I’s last day at the office so we decided to “dine out big time”.

We went to this place, Bulgogi Garden in Kalayaan Ave in Quezon City. It’s a Korean place with very spacious floor area and very high ceilings.

The place is really comfy. Like “I can stay here all afternoon and chat with my girlfriends” comfy. I think they have a second and a third floors, but we were not able to explore that.

We were offered side dishes. The usual Koreans: Kimchi. The seaweed thing. Some mushrooms. The sweet potato thing. They’re free so eat your hearts out. Except when they ran out. Which what happened to us. We liked the sweet potatoes, but when we asked for more, the ate said that they ran out 🙁

We also order one thing I can’t remember (told you, not enough materials). It’s a noodle thing with red, spicy sauce and squid and stuff. It’s spicy. And very red. Obvs.

Kidding aside, I liked it, but it’s not something I’ll remember or crave for in the future. It’s good food, but not quite remarkable.

We also ordered a Kimbap (ham?). Again, it was not horrible. It’s good. But nothing remarkable.

Their Japchae was good. I think it’s the best one I tasted, but that’s not saying much since I haven’t tasted a lot.

We also ordered a certain kind of ramen (again, not much material!). It’s a spicy ramen, which tasted really good. I liked it. Except the noodle of the ramen, which I thought was very “instant noodles” quality.

I liked their Bibimbap (The seafood-less one since A’s allergic). Very tasty.

Their service was topnotch, though. The servers were very attentive and super nice and polite.

I’m sorry, I was not able to see how much the total was (since Ate B paid for it), but the Kimbap. Japchae and Ramen were at least Php250 each. Pretty pricey for me, since you can actually avail an eat-all-you-can Korean buffet for an average of Php400 (Hwaroro which I am yet to try, and Don Day which I really enjoyed). We also paid less when we dined in Seoulia and their food were not easily forgettable. Although, that one’s situated in Manila, Bulgogi Garden’s in QC.

Will I recommend it to friends? Well, I will NOT stop them if they want to eat there. But this will not be the first place I’ll think of if I am suddenly craving for Korean food.

December 27, 2013