Catching Fire (2013)

I was able to watch the second installment of The Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire.

As a prequel, read my Hunger Games review here

Two things you need to know before reading my review: First, I read the book. As a matter of fact, I read it again last week. Second, this review WILL contain spoilers.

– I didn’t like the movie that much. Calm down, fanboys.

– It felt very rushed. Details were everywhere! It’s like they forced the whole book into the movie, which is not always a good thing.

For instance, the faux-pregnancy thing. If were in charge, I would leave it out of the movie. This only created a subplot they were not going to expand later on anyway.

If I were in charge, I’ll use the detail in the book where Cecelia (one victor/tribute) was torn away from her children. I always wished that they’ll include that in the movie because it’s a very powerful image of how the Capitol bully people.

– If you’re a reader who’s worried about the faithfulness of the movie to the book, you need not worry (some of the details not in the movie: Madge was missing. The Avox were missing. The two runaways from district 11 – was it 11? – who told Katniss about the whole rebellion thang were missing).

– What I loved about the first movie was the pacing. It was never dull and always amazing. I don’t think the same were true for CF, tho. There were some dragging moments, especially the first part.

– I like, tho, that they focused on the whole rebellion thing. This is why Catching Fire is my favorite of the three books because of the complications of the rebellion angle.

– the boring-ness of the first part was totally compensated by the fact the the ‘action’ in the arena was sufficient enough for me not to entirely hate the movie.

– the (so much spoiler in the next sentence) part when Katniss shot an arrow to the sky and there were thunder and power and explosion and madness. That was pretty cool.

– some fighting scenes were awesome too, btw.

– So, ergo, I wish the arena scenes were longer.

– The visit to district 11/Rue drama thing made me cry a little. Ok a lot.

– acting was amazing. To be more specific, Jennifer Lawrence’s acting was amazing. Jennifer Lawrence was amazing, period. There were times lang when I thought she was overdoing it. Again, calm down, fanboys.

– loved the last scene, tho. PARRFUL! Jen’s face just turned from “defeated” to “I’m so gonna kick the Capitol’s ass next movie! I’M BRINGING PEETA BACK, BEETCHES!”. It was glorious.

– I initially hated Jena Malone (the actress who played Johanna Mason). But I immediately changed my mind after her first scene. She’s my second favorite new character (first was Plutarch, but more of that later. Jena has the right amount of spunk (which was a lot) and fierceness (which was a lot). I LOVE HER! The elevator scene was waaay better than what I imagined it to be.

– Finnick (Sam Claflin) was just ok. It’s pretty much hard to fill the gap Book Finick Odair left in our hearts. So, Movie Finnick was just ok.

– Mags, Wiress and Beetee were also perfect.

– There’s something different with Josh Hutcherson’s portrayal of Peeta in this movie. I love Peeta. I’m Team Bakerboy all the way. But I was not very much sold of Movie No. 1 Peeta, tho. Movie No. 2 Peeta was waaaay better. I can see NOW that Josh was Peeta. Also, that jaw is so sharp. Nakakahiya kay Mikael Daez.

I didn’t know what changed, exactly.

– Phillip Seymour Hoffman (who played my first favorite new charater Plutarch Heavensbee) was probably the most perfect casting decision they made. He had the right amount of sinister, but you can still feel that he’s a good guy somewhere.

Should you watch it? Hey, why not. If you have not read the book, you prolly would want to read it first before watching the film because I am, like, 90% sure that you’ll be very very confused.

A person I know slept through the movie, although he told me he had not read the book and he’s not a fan of the genre. Also – totally not related – he looks like Peeta. May I just say.

November 25, 2013