Puerto Princesa and the Tamilok Experience

Palawan 2013 Adventure

M and I arrived at Puerto Princesa at night, so we rented a place in the city for an overnight stay. We were to leave for El Nido early in the morning and we basically did not want to sleep on the streets.

Anyway, after putting down our stuff at the guesthouse, we decided to grab a late dinner. We asked our tricycle driver for suggestions on a place, and he brought us to Kinabuchs Grill and Bar along Rizal Avenue.

M and I were feeling brave and ordered and ate Tamilok, a popular Palawan delicacy.

What is it exactly? It’s woodworm cooked either with vinegar (kilawin), or breaded and fried (prayd. haha). An order costs Php 115 and Php125 respectively.

Tamilok was ewww. Really, very ewww. They said it tasted like oyster, but still… eww. But you should NOT miss it when you’re in Palawan because.. bragging rights, man.


tamilok. a Palawan delicacy. we ate it kilawin. not for the ma-urthe. #kinabuch #palawan #regram

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A side note: during our PP Underground River tour, our perky and fun guide, Christine, told the group that if not breaded and fried, Tamilok is served RAW – not cooked – with vinegar. Mikay and I, in unison, uttered “whaaaaat?!”. This was two days after we enjoyed our Tamilok. I almost felt something moving inside my stomach.

Christine told us not to worry because once eaten, Tamiloks will not move anymore. Ummm, I didn’t think she’s making the reassurance she thought she’s making.

Anyway, after indulging on some fear-factor-esq food, M and I then went back to our place of rest, and enjoyed our first night in paradise.

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September 28, 2013