The Palawan Escapade 2013

This blog was written two years after this vacation, so please pardon me if my memory fails me 🙂

My first disclaimer: not much decent photos available. Because of the universal law of compensation, the universe decided to DESTROY our phones during our Palawan vacation (you really can’t have it all). Most of my “handy shots” were in my trusty Nokia N8, and they are all gone now. RIP, love.

Another disclaimer: I didn’t arrange for this trip. M made all the reservations and such, so I have no idea what was going on logistically. Teehee, sorry 😀

A week before our scheduled vacation, the airline that was supposed to bring us to paradise declared bankruptcy or something, and seized its operation. I kid you not. It was the most stressful week of my life because of work, and this happened. I was literally close to tears.

Well, the airline slowly transferred their flights to a sister company, but there was no assurance. Because we already booked our Puerto Princesa Undergound River Tour (which you have to book a month prior), we decided to just buy ourselves NEW plane tickets (non-promo. ugh) and just enjoy our vacation in one of the most beautiful place in this entire universe.

Ladies and gents, welcome to Palawan.

Palawan, a haven indeed

A little lesson on geography for my non-Filipino readers, and Filipino readers who flunked geo: Palawan is a province in the west-end of the Philippines. It’s about an hour plane ride from the nations capital, Manila. Within Palawan is Puerto Princesa City – this is where the airport is (i think there’s also an airport in El Nido and Coron, but with very limited flights). The Municipality of El Nido is about 4 to 6-hour ride away from Puerto Princesa.


The people of Palawan are pros with these tourism stuff. PROS! There was not a single rude local (some tourists – Filipino ones – were rude, btw. tsk) and everyone’s very accommodating.

It’s really nice that tourism brings the local some jobs and revenues. The PPUR and Ugong Rock guides were very well mannered, and very much funny and entertaining. The guides made the tour 10x more amazing.


Since El Nido is famous for its beauty, you’ll think that it’ll cost you tons of money. Not quite. accommodation and tours are not THAT expensive. When it comes to food, well, expect to cash out some moolah if you’re eating beach-side. There are some local carinderias and eateries available as well.

Really, El Nido is a backpacker’s paradise. Well, it’s a paradise, period.


If you’re looking for accommodation, I HIGHLY suggest Charies Guest House Bed and Breakfast in Puerto Princesa.

The host was extremely helpful during our trip. She arranged everything, although we only stayed in her Guest House for two nights (when we arrived and before we left).

She has this incredible network of people both in PP and El Nido. Seriously, we didnt need to worry about anything. She’s like “just text this number, he will pick you up from the terminal in EL Nido”, or “just text this number, you can stay here in El Nido”, or even “just text this number, I already reserved two seats for you for the early morning trip to Puerto Princesa”.

Palawan is such a nice place with nicer people. Indeed, it was paradise.

September 27, 2013