Oscars 2013: Beast of the Southern Wild (2012)


– I’m not gonna pretend that I ‘get’ the movie. I really did not.

– This film was really poetic. I like poetic movies. I just didn’t like this one particularly. I have no problem with the genre. I am IN LOVE with magic realism. This movie is just, you know, ok.

– The constant movement of the camera made me dizzy.

– I love the POV of the story, though. It’s really child-ish (not childish/juvenile. Just, child… ish). It’s like reading To Kill a Mockingbird, where the narration came from a child. And we see everything she sees. I liked that. That worked really well for me.

– Maybe the POV should be attributed to the little girl, Quvenzhané Wallis. She was beyond awesome. She deserved that best actress nomination. She made me tear up at least half a dozen times. I would want her to win the best actress award because she did a very fine job, err, acting.

– Obviously, I am still picking Lincoln over this, although I am delighted that Beasts of the Southern Wild is nominated. It’s like The Tree of Life – very confusing film, but at least the Oscar people are going beyond the ‘formulated’ films.

Oscars 2013: The ultimate annual movie marathon

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February 22, 2013