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Oscars 2013: Les Miserables (2012)

– Les Mis is…. simply… not my type of movie. I have zero interest in musicals. Let’s all be clear with that.

– Also, full disclosure, I have also zero interest in Les Mis, the book and its various plays. I only know two of its songs: I Dreamed and Dream and On My Own.

– I’m not going to criticize the story because I am not in the position to do so. Le Mis is a theatrical classic, as well as a classic novel.

– I think Tom Hooper’s decision to make this a musical is bold. Somehow, it is its weakness, as well as its strength. On one hand, I believe that the singing bits were impressive (hello, Anne and Hugh! and Samantha!). On the other hand, I would love to see the Les Mis without the singing. That would be interesting.

Of course, it would not be Les Mis without the singing.

– My least favorite part of the whole movie was Amanda Seyfried. She’s as close to a perfect woman one could be, but she can’t sing.

– Samantha Barks is love. I don’t know if it’s her or her character Eponine. I LOVE HER!

– Anne and Hugh. OMG. You can really see and feel the actors’ dedication to their craft. I hate that there’s so little Anne.

– I don’t understand all the hate with Russell Crowe. I think he’s ok. Not Anne and Hugh ok. Just ok. He’s not bad, just ok. Amanda was worse, i think. Sorry girl!

– The ‘live singing’ really brought out the raw talents (or the lack there off). Loving it.

– There were various warnings about the water works that would unintentionally happen when watching this movie. I thought “I am soooo not gonna cry!”. I did. In the first 15 minutes. Dammit Jean Valjean! *shakesfist*

– My favorite ‘cry’ was when Eponine died. That was heartfelt. Live forever, girls with unrequited love! LIVE FOREVER!

– I would still choose Lincoln over this since I liked that better. As I’ve said, I am not a big fan of musicals. [checklist: Argo, Life of Pi, Silver Linings Playbook, Zero Dark Thirty, Django Unchained, Lincoln].

Oscars 2013: The ultimate annual movie marathon

February 18, 2013