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Oscars 2013: Lincoln (2012)

– phenomenal acting. PHENOMENAL! Daniel Day-Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones, Sally Field. Even Joseph Gordon-Levitt (although not his best). It was like watching art happen before your eyes. IT WAS WATCHING ART HAPPEN BEFORE YOUR EYES.

– Daniel Day-Lewis is a very, very impressive artists. He was Lincoln. DDL is a walking art. If only all the actors in every film I watch is as good as him, I’ll do nothing in my life but watch movies forever.

– These awesome actors were paired with awesome dialogues. I love how this movie is written, which made it very enjoyable to watch.

– My only critique of the movie was that it was longer than what I think is necessary. I’d prefer it if they didn’t include the part when Lincoln died. First of all, the audience just came from an emotional rollercoaster during the voting for the amendment, then we were suddenly presented with the super depressing death. I felt I was emotionally violated. I think the assassination part was not necessary. We all knew he’s going to die (and I know from memory that the dude who killed him was Booth. Thanks, Bones!). That part was super unnecessary.

But of course, the title of the movie was ‘Lincoln’, not ‘The Third Amendment’.

– I think I liked very much because I LOVE its political ‘game’. I find politics (well, at least, my country’s) very interesting, and Lincoln’s storyline was pretty much surrounded by the vibrant history of US politics.

– Finally, a worthy opponent of my current Best Picture (Argo)! I want this as the best picture, but Argo is probably going to win. Last year, my favorite was Midnight in Paris. Lincoln is this year’s my Midnight in Paris. [checklist: Argo, Life of Pi, Silver Linings Playbook, Zero Dark Thirty, Django Unchained, Les Mis].

– Argo is the more entertaining movie, thought. I just think that Lincoln has more depth (whatever that means), and is better made (by a margin!).

– So yeah, I am going for Lincoln for Best Picture. Go Lincoln!

Oscars 2013: The ultimate annual movie marathon

February 15, 2013