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Oscars 2013: Silver Lining Playbook (2012)

Here are my tweets on Silver Linings Playbook:



– This movie is full of beautiful people.

– I doubted Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence’s chemistryat first, but hey, it’s there – burning like wildfire.

– There are a lot of holes in the story plot. First of all, it’s unclear why Nikki the wife hates Pat. I mean Pat is hot (Bradley Cooper is super hot), and he’s adorable. There’s this moment that Pat narrated that he walked in on his wife having sex in the shower with another guy (who’s not at all hot). The way I see it, Pat should be mad with Nikki, not the other way around. I mean, SHE cheat on him. All he did was beat the guy up, but that’s something you would expect from a guy who just caught his wife in a shower naked with another man.

Yes, I know, in the book, Pat was super mean with Nikki that’s why she looked for affection from other men. It was not clear in the movie that that’s the case.

Second of all, I thought there was a restraining order against Pat?

– I love how they shout ‘hey!’ when they’re running.

– Silver Linings Playbook. Why even the title? It was not clear. The ‘optimism’ that Pat showed in the book was not that obvious in the film. At least, not for me.

– I liked the POV. Although we see the back of Bradley Cooper’s head a lot, I think it helped with the presentation of Pat’s point of views. I love how crazy the camera works went when Pat was having his ‘crazy moments’. The camera will go crazy too. I know a lot of movies do that kind of camera technique as well, but I found SLP’s to be more appropriate, so it’s very effective.

– Speaking of Bradley Cooper, I also doubted his ability to act. He’s forever the ‘Hang Over’ guy to me, so when I heard he was nominated for a best actors award, I was shocked. I mean SHOCKED. SLP closed the deal – this guy Cooper is serious with his craft. He’s no De Niro (who was awesome in the movie), but just give him the right roles and in some years he could really be one of the better actors in Hollywood. I love him so much.

There was this scene when he was chasing Tiffany (Jen) and he was like “Can I just explain myself, please?”. Bradley Cooper’s character is supposed to be, err, a person struggling with his mental illness who had series of ‘craziness’ attacks, and at that scene, I didn’t see Cooper, but Pat who’s in the verge of throwing a tantrums, but was trying so hard to control it. Cooper showed how difficult it must have been to be in such a situation which people who have no such illness won’t be able to understand. Nice.

– I have read the book, and it’s SUPER different from the movie. Seriously. If you read the book before watching the movie, you would not even be spoiled.

– De Niro and Jen should do more movies together. That one scene that they were together = pure awesome.

– I’m not saying the movie is bad. I just think that it’s a little overrated. I can think of other movies in 2012 which could be a better nominee than this (hello, Skyfall). It’s not BAD, it’s just NOT extraordinary.

– I’m gonna go ahead and claim that I would still pick Argo over this [Argo, Life of Pi]. This movie has all the potential to be an awesome movie (at least, in the level of The Descendants) because of the awesome acting (yep, The Descendants), but it fell short. For me, it’s just another chick flick/family movie which showed us that hell yeah, Bradley Cooper can seriously act. And Jennifer Lawrence is a freaking Goddess.

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February 1, 2013